billforsternz committed 1a0960f

Fix bug that stopped single pv engines (eg Strelka) from kibitzing

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                 DebugPrintf(( "Break here"));
             if( 0==memcmp(s,"info ",5) && strstr(s," pv ") )
-                int idx = -1; // Komodo attempted fix -1;
+                int idx = 0; // first attempt at V2 used 0, changed to -1 for when
+                             //  attempting fix for Komodo special edition,
+                             //  back to 0 June 2012, allows Kibitzing with Strelka
+                             //  which doesn't have multipv
                 if( strstr(s," multipv 1 ") )
                     idx = 0;
                 else if( strstr(s," multipv 2 ") )
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