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Added credits to README. Dropping reference to the @"" extended attribute, referring to Apple Tech QA 1719 instead.

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  **Use with iCloud Backup**
- iCloud (as of iOS 5.0.1) honors the extended attribute `@""` as a flag to exclude a file system item from iCloud backup. This category defines the constant `iCloudDoNotBackupAttributeName` to work with this iCloud behavior.
- **Constants**
- `iCloudDoNotBackupAttributeName = @""`
- E.g. To determine if a file system item is marked to be excluded from iCloud backup:
-    NSURL fileURL = ...;
-    BOOL isExcluded = [fileURL hasExtendedAttributeWithName:iCloudDoNotBackupAttribute];
+ Note 2013-06-03: see [Apple Tech QA 1719]( for the recommended way to mark a file for exclusion from iCloud backup. Hint: don't use the @"" extended attribute.
 **Extended Attribute Values**
 SOExtendedAttributes is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6+ and iOS 5. The clang compiler is required. The source file `NSURL+SOExtendedAttributes.m` must be compiled with ARC enabled. 
 For an alternate Cocoa implementation compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and greater, see [UKXattrMetadataStore](
+## Credits
+Bill Garrison, initial creation. [@github](, [@bitbucket](
+Uli Kusterer, for [UKXattrMetadataStore]( 
+Simon Tännler, for starting a Cocoapods spec. [@github](