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-						<p>The SOExtendedAttributes category on NSURL enables retrieving and manipulating the extended attributes on a file system item.</p>
-<p>These methods are valid only on file URLs. An NSInternalInconsistencyException is thrown if invoked an a non-file URL.</p>
-<p>Internally, they&rsquo;re implemented using <a href="x-man-page://listxattr">listxattr(2)</a>, <a href="x-man-page://getxattr">getxattr(2)</a>, <a href="x-man-page://setxattr">setxattr(2)</a>, and <a href="x-man-page://removexattr">removexattr(2)</a>.</p>
-<p><strong> Compatibility </strong></p>
-<p>SOExtendedAttributes is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6+ and iOS 5. The clang compiler is required. The source file <code>NSURL+SOExtendedAttributes.m</code> must be compiled with ARC enabled. For an alternate Cocoa implementation compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and greater, see <a href="">UKXattrMetadataStore</a>.</p>
-<p><strong> Symbolic links </strong></p>
-<p>These methods act on the explicitly given URL. If that URL is to a symbolic link, you&rsquo;ll be manipulating extended attributes on the symlink, not its original file. Use <code>-URLByResolvingSymlinksInPath</code> to obtain a URL for which points to the original file system item.</p>
-<p><strong> Use with iCloud Backup </strong></p>
-<p>iCloud (as of iOS 5.0.1) honors the extended attribute <code>@""</code> as a flag to exclude a file system item from iCloud backup. This category defines the constant <code>iCloudDoNotBackupAttributeName</code> to work with this iCloud behavior.</p>
-<p><strong> Constants </strong></p>
-<p><code>iCloudDoNotBackupAttributeName = @""</code></p>
-<p>E.g. To determine if a file system item is marked to be excluded from iCloud backup:</p>
-<pre><code>NSURL fileURL = ...;
-BOOL isExcludedFromiCloudBackup = [fileURL hasExtendedAttributeWithName:iCloudDoNotBackupAttribute];
+						<p>When multiple errors are reported from the xattr API, they are collected and reported under this [NSError userInfo] dictionary key.</p>
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