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		<title>SOExtendedAttributes Reference</title>
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		<header id="top_header">
			<div id="library" class="hideInXcode">
				<h1><a id="libraryTitle" href="index.html">SOExtendedAttributes </a></h1>
				<a id="developerHome" href="index.html">Standard Orbit</a>
			<div id="title" role="banner">
				<h1 class="hideInXcode">SOExtendedAttributes Reference</h1>
			<ul id="headerButtons" role="toolbar"></ul>
			<div id="overview_contents" role="main">
				<div class="main-navigation navigation-top">
					<a href="hierarchy.html">Next</a>
				<div id="header">
					<div class="section-header">
						<h1 class="title title-header">SOExtendedAttributes Reference</h1>
				<div id="container">
					<div class="index-column">
						<h2 class="index-title">Category References</h2>
							<li><a href="Categories/NSURL+SOExtendedAttributes.html">NSURL(SOExtendedAttributes)</a></li>
				<div class="main-navigation navigation-bottom">
					<a href="hierarchy.html">Next</a>
				<div id="footer">
					<hr />
					<div class="footer-copyright">
						<p><span class="copyright">&copy; 2012 Standard Orbit. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 2012-01-23)</span><br />
						<span class="generator">Generated by <a href="">appledoc 2.0.5 (build 752)</a>.</span></p>
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