This is my collection of Xcode project and file templates. To install these templates, see Installation

What's New

2009-12-11 Added project template for an application with a source list.

2009-12-03 First import into bitbucket. Various file templates, and a project template for a document-based Cocoa app using explicit NSWindowControllers.


Document-based application with explicit NSWindowControllers

This project template builds upon the built-in Xcode template for a doc-based project, but provides explicit NSWindowController subclasses for a main window and inspector window controller. Works out of the box, just add content. :-)

See DocBasedAppWithWindowControllers for more details.

Source List-Driven Application

This project template creates an single window application whose content is driven from a source list. Demonstrates the use of an NSViewController to manage content as the user selects an item in the source list. I tried to keep the project as simple as possible to let the concepts around creating and maintaining a source list come through.

See SourceListApplication for more details.


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