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Imebra is a C++ DICOM library able to parse & build DICOM files decompress/compress/process the embedded images.

A JNI interface allows to use the library also with the JAVA language, including on Android OS.

Compiling Imebra

This section explains how to compile Imebra from the source distribution. You can download the source distribution from, or you can create a source distribution by following the instructions at "Creating the source distribution from the code in the VCS"

The result of the Imebra compilation is a shared library for your operating system of choice.

The Imebra Source Distribution includes:

  • the source code for the library
  • the source code for the tests
  • pre-built documentation
  • pre-generated JNI headers for Java

Compiling the C++ version of Imebra

In order to build the library from the Imebra Source Distribution you need:

  • a modern C++ compiler (GCC, clang, Visual Studio, etc)
  • CMake version 2.8 or newer (

The library folder contains a CMakeLists file, which contains the information needed by CMake to generate a solution file for your platform (a make file, a VisualStudio solution, etc).

To generate the Imebra shared library, execute the following steps:

  1. Create a folder that will contain the result of the compilation (artifacts)
  2. cd into the created artifacts folder
  3. execute cmake with the path to the Imebra's library folder as parameter
  4. execute cmake with the --build option, and on Windows optionally specify the build configuration

For instance:

md artifacts
cd artifacts
cmake imebra_location/library
cmake --build .

The first CMake command will generate a solution file for the your platform: this will be a make file on Linux, a VisualStudio solution of Windows, an XCode project on Mac.

The second CMake command with the --build option will launch make, VisualStudio or the build chain defined on your machine.

On Windows, the last cmake command can be followed by --config release or --config debug, like this:

cmake --build . --config release


cmake --build . --config debug

Compiling the Android version of Imebra

In order to build the Android version of Imebra you need:

  • Apache Ant
  • the Android SDK
  • the Android NDK

The Android version of the library needs both the Java source code (located in the wrappers/javaWrapper folder) and the C++ source code (located in the library folder)

To generate the Imebra Jar library:

  1. cd into the Imebra wrappers/javaWrapper folder
  2. run ant and define the properties sdk.dir and ndk.dir so they point to the home folders of the Android SDK and NDK respectively
  3. the produced JAR will be located in the folder wrappers/javaWrapper/out/artifacts

For instance:

cd wrappers/javaWrapper
ant -Dsdk.dir=path/to/Android/SDK -Dndk.dir=path/to/Android/NDK

Compiling the test units

In order to build and execute the tests you need:

To compile te tests, execute the following steps:

  1. create a folder that will contain the test units executable
  2. cd into the created folder
  3. run cmake with the path to the tests/CMakeLists.txt as a parameter. You can also define the CMake variables imebra_library, gtest_library and gtest_include with the path to the imebra library, gtest library and gtest include folder respectively
  4. run cmake --build .

For instance:

md tests_artifacts
cd tests_artifacts
cmake -Dimebra_library="path/to/imebra/library" -Dgtest_library="path/to/gtest/library" -Dgtest_include="path/to/gtest/include" imebra_location/tests
cmake --build .