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Set the version to 1.1
Branch information is now stored in ChangeLog entities although appenginerepository does not show this information properly?
Deletion of repository is now available.
Users can omit "" for the user name. This also enables to submit via http://foo:pass@.../ form.
Bug fix: I didn't think about this case. Thanks Roger!
Fix FAQ.
Use hexdigest of a manifest of a changelog instead of reference.
revlog-ize manifest object.
Lost changes: many fixes and new features.
Set default style to 'coal'
Bug fix: duplication of repository list.
Bug fixes: - enable graphs - enable annotations. I also modified filectx file a bit.
multi_hgapps is introduced.
bug fix for last_modified date checking.
add last_modified info and description to Repositories.
Add Basic authorizing mechanism to push.
bug fixes on filelog and manifests.
Differentiate manifest. This approach is relatively simpler than filelog approach.
Bug fix for multiple internal node case.
Introduce compressed way of filelog to reduce the stored data. Two approach is introduced. 1. store diff instead of new version data. But we don't always store diff. Sometimes the new data is stored for performance reason. 2. Use zlib compression if the stored data is not diff. In a small experiment (hg-stable upto rev104), the whole datastore size is reduced to 530kB from 2MB.
bug fix: forget to add "cl/" prefix in filelog query.
Refactor key_name policy I found that key_name need not be unique for whole db but be unique for a single parent entity. Therefore, - omit hg_<repo-name>/ prefix - add mn/ and cl/ prefix to Manifest and ChangeLog, to avoid the restriction of "key name must not start with number" - FileLog key is just filename with prefix "/". This prefix is to avoid key name dups (consider a file name is "cl/00deadbeef00...") - File…
Forget to remove a TODO.
Support "copy" action for filelog. - Add "base" field to filedata, which refers a base filedata instance - Add _parseCopy method to filelog - Change chunk method for the case that the filedata has base
Refactor revlog.heads method based on the performance reason. Original heads implementation must track parent link from nodes to nodes, but this behavior is no longer needed by my implementation because it already have children link.
Change the type of "author" and "description" field in ChangeLog to Blob from String. Those fields can contain non-ascii characters but we don't know what encoding is used for this. Instead of introducing universal encoding detector, we just use the original encoding for those fields.
Fix a mistake for the case of merging changes. Before: using base_text for parents, but actually previous generated data is used for base_text. In addition, changed "_id_table" to "nodemap" for compatibility reason.
Bug fix: textpatch does not consider about the trailing original text. In addition, fix for
revive of changed_at field ChangeLog now doesn't have the reference of FileData but changed file names as a StringListProperty "files".
Model changes: FileData no longer has "changed_at" field, instead FileLog has "files" ListProperty of db.Key. The reason is that scanning back references are treated as GQL queries but we want to do it during transactions (to accept change bundles).
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