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Set the version to 1.1
Branch information is now stored in ChangeLog entities
Deletion of repository is now available.
Users can omit "" for the user name.
Bug fix: I didn't think about this case. Thanks Roger!
Fix FAQ.
Use hexdigest of a manifest of a changelog instead of reference.
revlog-ize manifest object.
Lost changes: many fixes and new features.
Set default style to 'coal'
Bug fix: duplication of repository list.
Bug fixes:
multi_hgapps is introduced.
bug fix for last_modified date checking.
add last_modified info and description to Repositories.
Add Basic authorizing mechanism to push.
bug fixes on filelog and manifests.
Differentiate manifest.
Bug fix for multiple internal node case.
Introduce compressed way of filelog to reduce the stored data.
bug fix: forget to add "cl/" prefix in filelog query.
Refactor key_name policy
Forget to remove a TODO.
Support "copy" action for filelog.
Refactor revlog.heads method based on the performance reason.
Change the type of "author" and "description" field in ChangeLog
Fix a mistake for the case of merging changes.
Bug fix: textpatch does not consider about the trailing original text.
revive of changed_at field
Model changes: FileData no longer has "changed_at" field, instead
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