Master thesis

The project is concluded, you can download the latest version of the thesis (content is freezed, but erata is corrected over time) from the downloads page.

Do not hesitate to conctact the people involved if you have feedback.

Project board


  • Extend weir equation experiment: emulator giving weir slope / weir length for a desired \mu coefficient and compare it with this paper


✅ by 16/02/2018: prepare master thesis outline
✅ by 15/02/2018: prepare abstract for IAHR congress

To discuss

Week 12 - 16/02/2018

⬜ What with Channel Experiments (2 levels channel etc.?)
⬜ Open issues master_thesis
⬜ Open issues fswof2d
✅ Next step master thesis? See what discussed with P. Molnar and J. Rieckermann too
✅ Outline master thesis
✅ Abstract IAHR