cy-cxxfwk / README


a little example on how to have a cython class blend in into a C++ framework

to test:


  $ ./waf configure clean build && (cd __build__; PYTHON=`which python2` LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd` PYTHONPATH=.:${PYTHONPATH} ./test-app)

you should see something like that:


   === app ===
   :: python initialized
   ==> cyfwk module imported
   :: import_cyfwk ok
   ===> testing a pure c++ alg...
   :: Alg::Alg()...
   :: Alg::run()...
   ===> testing a cy-alg...
   --- self.i: 42
   --> cy_run_fct...
   --- => 42
   --> cy_run_fct...[done]
   === bye.
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