Fubsy: The Universal Build Tool

Fubsy is a tool for efficiently building software. If you need to minimally rebuild a bunch of target files from a bunch of source files by following a bunch of rules, Fubsy is what you need. If you prefer a more formal, abstract description: Fubsy is an engine for conditional execution of actions based on the dependencies between related resources.


Fubsy is written in Go, and uses the gc compiler to build. If you're on Unix and you already have Go installed, just run


Otherwise, see the online docs:


See the user guide in doc/guide (online at

Currently, Fubsy is in the very early stages of development. You can write tiny toy build scripts with it, but there is a lot of work to do before it's ready for the real world.


The main purpose of this release is to attract developers who want to help shape Fubsy into a world-class build tool. Please see for more information.

Mailing list

Currently there is only one mailing list: Send an empty message to that address and you'll be subscribed. Then help us make Fubsy the best it can be!