In-package dependencies are not resolved correctly

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Attempting to import "regexp" results in machine being undeclared. struct machine is declared in regexp/exec.go and used in regexp/regexp.go.

It seems, that the dependencies are not resolved correctly.

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  1. romanoff NA

    Also have import problem. Tried to import "fmt":

    import "fmt"

    undeclared name: buffer (and 5 more errors)

    In the project description I saw that "import" is supported. Maybe I am doing somthing wrong?

  2. Sebastien Binet repo owner


    the import mechanism was relying on a few local changes I added to the (at the time) exp/types package. this exp/types package is still seeing some impressive churning *and* my CL was rejected.

    bottom-line: import is not supported anymore (but I still plan to add it at some point, unless a nice soul beats me to it)

    BTW: please use the new home for this project:


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