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The ffi package wraps the libffi C library (and dlopen/dlclose) to provide an easy way to call arbitrary functions from Go.


ffi is go-get-able:

$ go get bitbucket.org/binet/go-ffi/pkg/ffi


// dl-open a library: here, libm on macosx
lib, err := ffi.NewLibrary("libm.dylib")

// get a handle to 'cos', with the correct signature
cos, err := lib.Fct("cos", ffi.Double, []Type{ffi.Double})

// call it
out := cos(0.).Float()
println("cos(0.)=", out)

err = lib.Close()


  • no check is performed b/w what the user provides as a signature and the "real" signature
  • it would be handy to just provide the name of the library (ie: "m") instead of its filename (ie: "libm.dylib")
  • it would be handy to use some tool to automatically infer the "real" function signature
  • it would be handy to also handle structs
  • better handling of types with no direct equivalent in go (short,void,...)
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