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almost working tree-streamer

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 func (tree *Tree) ROOTDecode(b *Buffer) (err error) {
 	vers, pos, bcnt := b.read_version()
-	dprintf("vers=%v pos=%v bcnt=%v\n", vers, pos, bcnt)
+	printf("vers=%v pos=%v bcnt=%v\n", vers, pos, bcnt), tree.title = b.read_tnamed()
-	dprintf("name='%v' title='%v'\n",, tree.title)
+	printf("name='%v' title='%v'\n",, tree.title)
 		b.ntoi8() //fEstimate
-	dprintf("=> entries=%v tot_bytes=%v zip_bytes=%v\n", 
+	printf("=> entries=%v tot_bytes=%v zip_bytes=%v\n", 
 		tree.entries, tree.tot_bytes, tree.zip_bytes)
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