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rename rootSetFiler into FileSetter

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 	panic("groot.Directory.ROOTEncode: sorry, not implemented")
-func (d *Directory) setFile(f *FileReader) error {
+func (d *Directory) SetFile(f *FileReader) error {
 	d.file = f
 	return nil
 	vv := factory()
-	if vv,ok := vv.Interface().(rootSetFiler); ok {
-		err := vv.setFile(k.file)
+	if vv,ok := vv.Interface().(FileSetter); ok {
+		err := vv.SetFile(k.file)
 		if err != nil {
 			return v


 	ROOTEncode(buf []byte) error
-type rootSetFiler interface {
-	setFile(f *FileReader) error
+// FileSetter is the interface allowing to reset the ownership of a ROOT object
+// w.r.t a given file
+// FIXME: this (obviously) shouldn't be restricted to a FileReader
+type FileSetter interface {
+	SetFile(f *FileReader) error
 // EOF
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