go-types / pkg / types / testdata / exports.go

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// Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// This file is used to generate an object file which
// serves as test file for gcimporter_test.go.

package exports

import (

const (
	C0 int = 0
	C1     = 3.14159265
	C2     = 2.718281828i
	C3     = -123.456e-789
	C4     = +123.456E+789
	C5     = 1234i
	C6     = "foo\n"
	C7     = `bar\n`

type (
	T1  int
	T2  [10]int
	T3  []int
	T4  *int
	T5  chan int
	T6a chan<- int
	T6b chan (<-chan int)
	T6c chan<- (chan int)
	T7  <-chan *ast.File
	T8  struct{}
	T9  struct {
		a    int
		b, c float32
		d    []string `go:"tag"`
	T10 struct {
		_ *T10
	T11 map[int]string
	T12 interface{}
	T13 interface {
		m2(int) float32
	T14 interface {
		m3(x ...struct{}) []T9
	T15 func()
	T16 func(int)
	T17 func(x int)
	T18 func() float32
	T19 func() (x float32)
	T20 func(...interface{})
	T21 struct{ next *T21 }
	T22 struct{ link *T23 }
	T23 struct{ link *T22 }
	T24 *T24
	T25 *T26
	T26 *T27
	T27 *T25
	T28 func(T28) T28

var (
	V0 int
	V1 = -991.0

func F1()         {}
func F2(x int)    {}
func F3() int     { return 0 }
func F4() float32 { return 0 }
func F5(a, b, c int, u, v, w struct{ x, y T1 }, more ...interface{}) (p, q, r chan<- T10)

func (p *T1) M1()