mana-core-athenamp / ChangeLog

2008-12-10  Sebastien Binet  <>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-06
	* using the official way of fixing oid2
	* M python/

2008-11-25  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-05
	* stream-lined implementation
	* M python/
	* M python/
	* M python/

2008-10-06  Sebastien Binet  <>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-04
	* checkreq fixes
	* M cmt/requirements

2008-09-29  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-03
	* migration to AthenaBaseComps + updates
	* M cmt/requirements
	* M python/
	* M python/
	* M src/IoComponentMgr.cxx
	* M src/IoComponentMgr.h

2008-08-27  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-02
	* preliminary support of POOL-files merging
	* M python/

2008-08-15  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-01
	* support for theApp.EvtMax=-1
	* M python/

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-00
	* first import
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