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mana-core-athenamp / ChangeLog

2010-12-17  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-07
	* Added  merge_pool_collection_files function for TAGs merging
	* List of files for merging extended by adding all *.root
	    files from workers dir
	* Changed the way merger is picked for each output type
	* M python/MpMergeUtils.py

2010-12-02  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-06
	* Added the mechanism to choose worker run function
	    round_robin  or queue run using doRoundRobin job property.
	    evtmax=-1 also switches to round_robin scheme
	* minor cleanup with logs and comments
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-12-02  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-05
	* Added AthenaMP_jobProperties that
	    lists, explains and gives examples of all properties usage.
	* A share/AthenaMP_jobProperties.py

2010-12-01  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Added @properties: doFastMerge and doRoundRobin
	* M python/AthenaMPFlags.py

2010-12-01  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Added @fn merge_pool_files_fast for merging pool files fast,
	    that utilizes PoolMerge tool from Peter van Gemmeren
	* Added "sort of" plugin feature to choose the merger @fn 
	    based on output being merging
	* Plugin @fns avaialbe and used:
	    merge_pool_files - from PyUtils.PoolFile 
	    merge_pool_files_fast - local, uses PoolMerge
	    merge_root_files - local, uses hadd
	    merge_pmon_files - local, blank - TBImplemented
	* M python/MpMergeUtils.py 

2010-11-30  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Added @fn merge_root_files
	* Added @fn merge_pmon_files
	* Skip the perfmon output merging for now
	* M python/MpMergeUtils.py 

2010-11-30  Yushu Yao

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-04
	* A share/bs2esd.py: added example joboption for bytestream2esd reconstruction

2010-11-29  Yushu Yao

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-03
	* M python/MpMergeUtils.py: fix poolfilecatalog problem when using bytestream

2010-11-25  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Additions and modifications on behalf of Charles Leggett:
	* Charles created VetoFirstEvent algorithm and corresponding test jobo
	* A python/VetoFirstEvent.py 
	* A share/tests/test_VetoFirstEvent.py
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-11-20  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* Added mp example version of fast and full reco 
	* (mp_rdotoesd_id and mp_rdotoesd)
	* A share/mp_rdotoesd_id.py
	* A share/mp_rdotoesd.py

2010-11-15  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@calaf-laptop>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-02
	* M python/PyComps.py 
	* (MpEventLoopMgr.__init__): check that EvtMax is defined before we try to use it

2010-11-13  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Fix to PoolFileCatalog name error for ByteStream input files
	* Fallback to dummy_pfc for ByteStream jobs, 
	* when PoolFileCatalog?()  raises naming exception 
	* catch an error from PyUtils.PoolFileCatalog and 
	* provide dummy replacement function that returns unchanged name 
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-10-19  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Adding python script to monitor PSS, RSS and VMEM for AthenaMP
	    that usese smem tool underneath
	* A share/tests/smem_mon.py

2010-10-14  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-01
	* Close and join workers asynchronously
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-09-15  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* Adding essential job-properties to AthenaMP in AthenaMPFlags
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/Utils.py
	* A python/AthenaMPFlags.py
	* A share/mp_reco_fast.py

2010-09-12  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-02-00
	* First major attempt to refactorize the AhenaMP code and IO related bug fixes
	* Code related to Memory-status, CPU-status, affinity or Timer-log moved to Utils.py
	* Code related to IO-operations moved to IoUtils.py
	* Code related to Merging moved to MpMergeUtils.py
	* File Descriptors snapshot is taken in mother process as FdsDict class in FdsRegistry.py
	* FdsDict class deals with files created/used outside Athena IO framework
	* In case EvtMax is -1 athenaMP falls back to "round-robin" evt. scheme (run_worker_batch) 
	    verse default "queued" evt. scheme (run_worker_queue)
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py
	* M python/Utils.py
	* A python/FdsRegistry.py
	* A python/IoUtils.py
	* A python/MpMergeUtils.py

2010-08-04  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-15
	* tide up PyComps.py from profiling mess and some other comments
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-07-30  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@calaf-laptop>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-14
	* python/IoRegistry.py (merge_io_output): protect against running
	multiple merging procs when ATHENA_PROC_NUMBER is set

2010-07-30  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-13
	* Fixes to the trouble of merged file removal by parent process original output at finalization
	* moved merging of output into finalize() from executeRun() to bypass removal of files by mother
	* added the merge_dir arg into IoRegistry.merge_io_output function for merge destination
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py

2010-07-30  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* redirected merged files  to "merge_dir" to avoid being deleted by mother process during finalize in curdir.
	* M python/IoRegistry.py

2010-07-22  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-12
	* M python/IoRegistry.py: fix LFN to PFN handling

2010-04-21  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* adding to the scripts list and minor fix of mp_basic_test.py 
	* M share/tests/mp_basic_test.py
	* M cmt/requirements

2010-04-20  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* adding script to extract workers event by event timing statistics from logs
	* merged output is renamed as mp_merged.$output_name 
	* A python/share/extract_mp_stat.py
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py
	* M python/tests/mpMonTools.py

2010-04-20  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* seeking to last event problem fix 
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-04-07  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-11
	* queued distribution of events to workers
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py 

2010-04-07  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* seeking fixed moving setupEvtSelForSeekOps() into init() from setDefaults()
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py

2010-04-06  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* worker-cpu affinity settings
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-04-05  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 

	* queue implementation of events to workers distribution 
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-03-17  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* mp-scaling benchmark tools and monitor for athena multiple jobs
	* A share/tests/mjMon.py
	* A python/tests/mjMonTools.py
	* M share/tests/mpMon.py
	* M python/tests/mpMonTools.py

2010-03-17  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* mp-scaling benchmark monitor for AthenaMP
	* A share/tests/mpMon.py
	* A python/tests/mpMonTools.py

2010-02-22  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-10
	* dummy-out atn tests (they are just too heavy for ATN)
	* M test/AthenaMP.xml
	* M share/tests/mp_basic_test.py

2010-02-20  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-09
	* use athena-pool-merge instead of pool-fast-merge
	* reduce number of events for basic-test so it can run within atn
	* M python/IoRegistry.py
	* M share/tests/mp_basic_test.py

2010-02-17  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-08
	* fix utest (not enough karma)
	* add a basic utest (with enough AtlasCore karma)
	* put back the default EventsBeforeFork to 0
	* A share/tests/mp_basic_test.py
	* M test/AthenaMP.xml
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-02-16  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-07
	* adding a genevt unit-test
	* A test/AthenaMP.xml

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-06
	* first attempt at adding support for g4 jobs
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-02-03  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* the script for flushing cached memory
	* A share/tests/flush_cache.py
	* added an option to flush cache in mpMon.py
	* M share/tests/mpMon.py 
	* fast merge merge_pool_files added, slow merge commented
	* M pyton/IoRegistry.py

2010-01-25  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* added timer logs for mpMon.py script
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-01-21  Mous Tatarkhanov  <tmmous@berkeley.edu> 
	* mp-scaling benchmark monitor for AthenaMP
	* A share/tests/mpMon.py
	* A python/tests/mpMonTools.py

2010-01-20  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-05
	* simple little genevt testing script
	* consolidate rankid numbering scheme
	* A share/tests/mp_genevt_test.py
	* M python/PyComps.py

2010-01-19  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-04
	* create a shared queue to reliably distribute rank-ids
	* fix merging in batch-run mode
	* fix skipping events in batch-run mode
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py

2010-01-18  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-03
	* adding directories for testing infrastructure
	* fixing batch-run mode
	* A test
	* A python/tests
	* A share
	* A share/tests
	* M python/PyComps.py

2009-12-18  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-02
	* cosmetics
	* M python/IoRegistry.py

2009-12-17  Paolo Calafiura  for Mous Tatarkhanov

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-01
	* python/IoRegistry.py (merge_io_output): use merge_pool_file from

2009-12-16  Paolo Calafiura for Mous Tatarkhanov
	* tagging AthenaMP-00-01-00
	* python/IoRegistry.py (merge_io_output): find files to be merged
	* python/PyComps.py: support forking of event workers after n events

2009-09-21  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-10
	* obo Mous: hacks for the pileupevtloopmgr
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/IoRegistry.py

2009-09-02  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@lxcalaf.cern.ch>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-09
	* python/IoRegistry.py (update_io_registry): hack to deal with rfio paths

2009-08-28  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-08
	* better fall-back solution when no $TMP variable defined
	* M python/PyComps.py (_ATHENA_MP_TMPDIR)

2009-07-09 Paolo Calafiura

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-07
	* M python/PyComps.py: fix crash when trying to get AthenaEventLoopMgr

2008-12-10  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lxplus237.cern.ch>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-06
	* using the official way of fixing oid2
	* M python/Utils.py

2008-11-25  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-05
	* stream-lined implementation
	* M python/IoRegistry.py
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/Utils.py

2008-10-06  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox.dyndns.cern.ch>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-04
	* checkreq fixes
	* M cmt/requirements

2008-09-29  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-03
	* migration to AthenaBaseComps + updates
	* M cmt/requirements
	* M python/PyComps.py
	* M python/Utils.py
	* M src/IoComponentMgr.cxx
	* M src/IoComponentMgr.h

2008-08-27  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-02
	* preliminary support of POOL-files merging
	* M python/Utils.py

2008-08-15  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-01
	* support for theApp.EvtMax=-1
	* M python/PyComps.py

	* tagging AthenaMP-00-00-00
	* first import