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sync w/ atlasoff

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 820fed406cbc4d0490514bd00720337a27d77444 AthenaPython-00-06-16
 5a7d11d68c2e8aeba623032f311db16612052afe AthenaPython-00-06-17
 d72ccf488df8487951e48b3553a0c653d338a579 AthenaPython-00-06-19
+a5004ecbe518d3c5c2e42a99ed63b5b26f11e48c AthenaPython-00-06-20
+2012-02-08  Sebastien Binet  <>
+	* tagging AthenaPython-00-06-20
+	* use the correct EventInfo key when multiple EventInfos are there.
+	* M python/
 2011-11-09  David Rousseau  <>
 	* python/ : fix stupid typo


         if len(evt_info_keys) != 1:
             _info('more than one EventInfo: %s', evt_info_keys)
             _info(' ==> we\'ll use [%s]', evt_info_keys[0])
-        sg_key = evt_info_keys.pop()
+        sg_key = evt_info_keys[0]
         ei = store.retrieve('EventInfo', sg_key)
         _info('=== [EventInfo#%s] ===', sg_key)
         eid = ei.event_ID()
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