mana-core-athenarootcomps / cmt / requirements

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package AthenaRootComps

author Sebastien Binet <>
author Peter van Gemmeren <>

## For Athena policies: it has to be the first use statement
use AtlasPolicy 	AtlasPolicy-*


use GaudiInterface 	GaudiInterface-* 	External
use AtlasROOT	 	AtlasROOT-*         External
use AtlasReflex     AtlasReflex-*       External

use CxxUtils        CxxUtils-*          Control
use AthenaKernel	AthenaKernel-*		Control
use SGTools         SGTools-*           Control
use StoreGate		StoreGate-*		    Control
use AthenaBaseComps	AthenaBaseComps-*	Control
use AthenaPython	AthenaPython-*		Control -no_auto_imports

use EventInfo		EventInfo-*		    Event

use AthenaRootKernel AthenaRootKernel-* Database/AthenaRoot


branches src src/components doc python share

## default is to make a component library
library AthenaRootComps *.cxx components/*.cxx

apply_pattern component_library
apply_pattern declare_joboptions files="*.py tests/*.py"
apply_pattern declare_python_modules files="*.py"

# for TGraph...
macro_append ROOT_linkopts " -lGraf"