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///////////////////////// -*- C++ -*- /////////////////////////////
// RootConnection.h 
// Header file for class Athena::RootConnection
// Author Peter van Gemmeren <>
// Author: S.Binet<>

/** @file RootConnection.h
 *  @brief This file contains the class definition for the Athena::RootConnection class.
 *  @author Peter van Gemmeren <>

// STL includes
#include <string>
#include "CxxUtils/unordered_map.h"

// fwk includes
#include "GaudiKernel/StatusCode.h"
#include "AthenaRootKernel/IIoSvc.h"

// fwd declares
class IInterface;
class TFile;
class TTree;
class TBranch;

namespace Athena {
/** @class Athena::RootConnection
 *  @brief This class provides the implementation of Athena::RootConnection class, similar to Gaudi IDataConnection
class RootConnection 

  /// Standard constructor
  RootConnection(const IInterface* own, IIoSvc::Fd fd);
  /// Standard destructor
  virtual ~RootConnection();

  // Public methods: 

  /// Open data stream in read mode
  StatusCode connectRead();
  /// Open data stream in write mode
  StatusCode connectWrite(IIoSvc::IoType mode);
  StatusCode commit();
  /// Release data stream and release implementation dependent resources
  StatusCode disconnect();
  /// Check if connected to data source
  bool isConnected() const;
  /// Read root byte buffer from input stream
  StatusCode read(void* const data, size_t len);
  /// Write root byte buffer to output stream
  StatusCode write(const void* data, unsigned long& len);
  StatusCode setContainer(const std::string& container, 
                          const std::string& type, 
                          const void* data);

  void setTreeName(const std::string& name);

  // Private data: 

  /// file descriptor
  IIoSvc::Fd m_fd;
  /// File ID of the connection
  std::string m_fid;
  /// Physical file name of the connection
  std::string m_pfn;
  /// Age counter
  int m_age;
  /// Owner pointer
  const IInterface* m_owner;

  /// Pointer to the Root event data file
  TFile* m_file;
  /// Pointer to the main event data tree
  TTree* m_tree;
  /// Pointer to the current data branch
  TBranch* m_branch;

  //FIXME: use a RootConnectionSetup class to
  //       gather this kind of configuration
  // -> autoflush, split, buffersize,...
  /// name of the tree
  std::string m_treeName;

  struct BranchDescr {
    void* buffer;
    char typecode;
  typedef SG::unordered_map<TBranch*, BranchDescr*> BranchDescriptors_t;
  /// a map of branch descriptors for each branch we are asked to write out
  BranchDescriptors_t m_descr;

} //> namespace Athena