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scripts/pageClassExtraction.xsl - updates from Kevin

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+2008-10-06 Emil Obreshkov <>
+        * scripts/pageClassExtraction.xsl - updates from Kevin
 2008-10-05 Emil Obreshkov <>
         * scripts/pageExtraction.xsl - updates from Kevin


 				<xsl:if test= "name='setM'">
 					 Set mass
+				<xsl:if test= "name='setPx'">
+					 Set Px
+				</xsl:if>
+				<xsl:if test= "name='setPy'">
+					 Set Py
+				</xsl:if>
+				<xsl:if test= "name='setPz'">
+					 Set Pz
+				</xsl:if>  
+				<xsl:if test= "name='setE'" >
+				         Set Energy
+				</xsl:if>
+					<xsl:if test= "name='pxi'">
+					 Px 
+				</xsl:if>
+				<xsl:if test= "name='pyi'">
+					 Py 
+				</xsl:if>
+				<xsl:if test= "name='pzi'">
+					 Pz
+				</xsl:if>		
+				<xsl:if test= "name='ei'">
+					 Energy
+				</xsl:if> 
 				<xsl:if test= "name='set4Mom'">
 					 Set four-momentum
 				<xsl:if test= "name='set_charge'">
 					 Assign charge to particle
-				</xsl:if>
+				</xsl:if>    
 				<xsl:if test= "name='set_dataType'">
 					 Assign data type to particle
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