mana-core-atlasdoxygen / cmt / requirements

package AtlasDoxygen

#use Graphviz v1 CMT

macro GV_home "" \
      LAL           "/lal/Grafviz/Linux" \
      CERN          "/afs/"

path_remove  PATH "Graphviz"
path_prepend PATH "" \
             Linux "$(GV_home)/bin" \
             WIN32 "C:\Program Files\Graphviz\bin"

path_remove DOTFONTPATH "" Linux "Grafviz"
path_prepend DOTFONTPATH "" Linux "$(GV_home)/lib/fonts/ttf"

include_path none

#path_append PATH "" WIN32 "c:\doxygen-1.2.3\bin"

macro DOXYGEN_INPUT            "../src ../$(package) ../doc"

macro DOXYGEN_FILE_PATTERNS    "*.cxx *.h"
macro DOXYGEN_EXAMPLE_PATH     "../doc ../cmt"
macro DOXYGEN_EXAMPLE_PATTERNS "*.cxx *.html requirements"
macro DOXYGEN_IMAGE_PATH       ""

pattern -global doxygen \
  document doxygen doxygen<package> -group=doxygen

make_fragment doxygen -header=doxygen_header

ignore_pattern doxygen

pattern auto_doxygen \
  macro_append constituents " doxygen "
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