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mana-core-atlasdoxygen / ChangeLog

2011-01-11 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
		* scripts/globalDoxySearch.php - fix a warning - thanks to Nir
		* tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-03-02
2010-11-15 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * cmt/requirements - use latest graphviz 2.24.0, fix a small problem for not defined LCG_system by adding "use LCG_Configuration"
        * tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-03-01

2009-12-14 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
	* cmt/Doxyfile - don't make collaboration diagrams, use png (not gif) and limit size of diagrams
	* tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-03-00

2009-10-28 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * cmt/requirements - reverting back to graphviz 1.9 since the newest version (2.22.2) has a serious problem and cause big delays in build
        * tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-02-28

2009-10-28 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * cmt/requirements - switch to dixygen 1.5.9 and graphviz 2.22.2
        * tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-02-27

2009-05-26 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * cmt/doxygen.py - switch from cvs to svn
        * tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-02-26
2008-11-11 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * scripts/createDoxPage.sh - small improvement 
		* tag as AtlasDoxygen-00-02-25

2008-04-02 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * reindex.pl prints memory/time info per tag file
	* Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-24

2008-10-06 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * scripts/pageClassExtraction.xsl - updates from Kevin

2008-10-05 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * scripts/pageExtraction.xsl - updates from Kevin

2008-05-03 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* scripts/pageExtraction.xsl - updates from Kevin
	* XMLList.txt - added new package

2008-04-16 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* cmt/XMLList.txt - added 3 packages more

2008-04-03 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-19
	* Fix to help in globalDoxySearch.php

2008-04-02 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-18
	* Added help to globalDoxySearch.php

2008-03-14 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-17
	* Fixed wrong link in globalDoxySearch.php

2008-03-14 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-15
	* Renamed search.php globalDoxySearch.php

2008-03-14 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-14
	* Renamed index.php search.php
	* Added filters to search.php

2008-03-11 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-12
	* Added package/class/method filters to index.php search

2008-03-05 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-11
	* Removed prefix / from package path in reindex.pl
	* CVS link links to the correct CVS tag instead of HEAD

2008-03-04 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-09
	* Added automatic CVS linkage in doxygen.py
	* Check if package tag exists before creating a Used Package link.

2008-02-29 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
	* Add the package name to any URL whose name is "Page index" in index.php

2008-02-28 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-07
	* Minor RAM improvment of reindex.pl

2008-02-26 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-06
	* Improved RAM/CPU usage of reindex.pl

2008-02-19 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-02-01
	* Added scripts/reindex.pl, scripts/index.php for global Doxygen indexing/search

2008-01-08 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
	* Attempting to add QT_AUTOBRIEF behaviour
	* Attempting to add JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF behaviour

2007-11-29 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-01-05
        * Added search engine option in Doxyfile.
	* Updated Doxygen version to 1.5.4.

2007-10-25 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Updated doxygen.py to print value of STRIP_FROM_PATH variable.

2007-10-25 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-01-04
        * Updated Doxyfile to match 1.5.3 standards.

2007-10-24 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-01-03
        * Remove default parsing .xml files from requirements file.
        * Updated Doxyfile,requirements,doxygen.py to support DOXYGEN_STRIP_FROM_PATH options
          for path truncation in files.html.

2007-10-08 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Reverted changes to createDoxyPage (resulting in empty page)
        * Tagged AtlasDoxygen-00-01-02

2007-10-04 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * Changed Doxyfile LATEX_BATCHMODE to YES
        * Tagged AtlasDoxygen-00-01-01

2007-09-26 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Added LArRecEvent to list of packages with XML
        * Tagged AtlasDoxygen-00-01-00

2007-09-25 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Only use brief documentation in the summary.
        * Make Doxygen examine .icc files
        * Tagged AtlasDoxygen-00-00-43

2007-09-19 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-41
        * Update Doxyfile,requirements,doxygen.py to support EXCLUDE & EXCLUDE_PATTERNS options.

2007-09-18 Nir.Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-40
        * Changing to Doxygen 1.5.3

2007-08-07 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-39
        * cmt/XMLList.txt - adding more package for which XML output will be produced

2007-06-20 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-38
        * cmt/XMLList.txt - adding more package for which XML output will be produced

2007-06-19 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-37
        * add scripts/MakeDoxygenClassSum.sh - script to create class summary from the doxygen produced XML output
        * add scripts/pageClassExtraction.xsl - needed for the script above

2007-06-11 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-36
        * cmt/Doxyfile - switch off the XML generation for packages by default
        * cmt/XMLList.txt - list of packages for which XML will be generated

2007-06-08 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-35
        * cmt/requirements: small modifications for bugfix doxygen builds

2007-05-29 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-34
	* cmt/requirements: small modifications for nightly doxygen build on AFS directly

2007-03-20 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-33
	* cmt/Doxyfile - enabled XML output also

2007-03-12 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-32
	* scripts/createDoxPage.sh - improvements in the script

2007-03-07 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-31
	* doxygen.py & requirements : modifications by Vincent to use "cmt doxygen" with additional tags

2007-02-19 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-30
	* scripts/createDoxPage.sh - script to provide summary doxygen page

2006-12-06 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-29
	* cmt/requirements: small modifications for doxygen build on local disk

2006-11-30 Igor Kachaev <Igor.Katchaev@cern.ch>

	* add fonts/ttf/FreeSans.ttf, tag it AtlasDoxygen-00-00-28

2006-10-31 V.Garonne <garonne@lal.in2p3.fr>
        * tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-28 
        * cmt/requirements: Update Doxygen version to 1.5.1

2006-06-28 V.Garonne <garonne@lal.in2p3.fr>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-26 
        * cmt/requirements: Update Doxygen version to 1.4.7 

2006-06-28 Emil.Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-25
	* cmt/doxygen.py: modifications by Vincent

2006-05-08 Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-24
	* cmt/requirements: change macro DOXYGEN_HTML_MAPPING for translation of /afs/cern.ch/atlas/software/builds/ to http://cern.ch/atlas-computing/links/buildDirectory/ 

2006-04-20 Emil Obreshkov  <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>

        * cmt/requirements: revert to doxygen 1.4.1 since there is a bug in 1.4.6 for the python documentation

2006-03-17 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

        * cmt/doxygen.py: detect mainpage.h case insensitive 
        * cmt: remove obsolete files

2006-03-07 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

        * cmt/doxygen.py: Remove bak files after use

2006-03-01 Emil Obreshkov  <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>

        * cmt/requirements: Switch to doxygen version 1.4.6 

2006-02-27 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

        * cmt/doxygen.py: fix execute problem in pytion

2006-02-24 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

        * cmt/doxygen.py: handle both macros and env.vars

2006-02-23 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

        * cmt/requirements: New strategy to generate documentation make use of an action
	instead of a make fragment. Make use of doxygen.py instead of doxygen.sh
	* cmt/doxygen.py: replaces doxygen.sh
	* cmt/Doxyfile: replace cmt/fragments/Doxyfile

2005-06-27  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/doxygen.sh (a): Add @ref statements into the top mainpage to
	force the production of the related pages derived from the @page construct.

2005-05-09  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr> 3

	* cmt/doxygen.sh (a): Generate used_packages and requirements
	inclusion as releated pages (instead of right in the mainpage)

2005-04-06 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr> 2

        * cmt/requirements: Connect to doxygen and graphviz from LCG externals

2005-04-06 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr> 1

	* cmt/fragments/Doxyfile: Add new tags for doxygen 1.4
	* cmt/requirements: Add production of UML diagrams
	* cmt/doxygen.sh: only consider directly used packages rather than ALL used packages.

2005-01-21 Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/fragments/Doxyfile: Upgrade for new versions of doxygen
	implement the UML support in terms of a new macro DOXYGEN_UML_LOOK
	* cmt/doxygen.py : add a python version of the doxygen.sh script (not yet used)
	* cmt/cmtdoc.py : add a requirements file filter for doxygen doc. (not yet used)
	* cmt/requirements : provide a default value for DOXYGEN_UML_LOOK (NO) 
2005-01-13  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-13

	* cmt/requirements: added .mk extension and cmt/fragments dir for
	files to be picked up

2005-01-11  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-12

	* cmt/requirements: added macros to include python file

	* tagging AtlasDoxygen-00-00-11
	* cmt/requirements: added .py files and ../share dir

2004-12-09  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/doxygen.sh (cmtexe): Ensure that the additional Doxygen is always used in local
	CMT queries.

	* cmt/requirements: Install the -target_tag option to the constituent so as to
	only generate empty settings except when running the standard activity of this package,
	typically when running gmake doxygen.
	All CMT settings should be selectively valued only when the Doxygen tag is active. 
	In particular, PATH should NOT be affected by using this package by default.

2004-06-28 Emil Obreshkov  <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* cmt/doxygen.sh: replace missing environment variables with cmt macros

2004-01-16  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/fragments/Doxyfile: Support IMAGE_PATH definition. 

	* cmt/requirements: Add DOXYGEN_IMAGE_PATH macro to support
	definition of IMAGE_PATH option. Default is empty.

2003-11-20  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/fragments/Doxyfile: add specification for INLINE_INHERITED_MEMB

	* cmt/requirements: add new macro DOXYGEN_INLINE_INHERITED_MEMB

2003-06-18  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/fragments/doxygen_header: 

	* cmt/requirements: Add requirements to the list of included files.

	* cmt/doxygen.sh: Generate a table of used packages
	Generate a default mainpage.h when none exists
	Filters out missing or empty input directories

2003-06-05  Christian Arnault  <arnault@lal.in2p3.fr>

	* cmt/requirements: Modification of the pattern for installing the
	doxygen into the installation areas.

	* cmt/fragments/doxygen_header: Make use of the new doxygen.sh
	shell script

	* cmt/doxygen.sh: Add a script for finding all tag files
	corresponding to used packages. Find tag files either inside the
	packages (../doc/<package>.tag) or in installation area

2002-12-05  Christian Arnault  <carnault@lxplus032.cern.ch>

        * cmt/fragments/Doxyfile: Add DOT_IMAGE_FORMAT to override the png default (set to gif)

2002-11-15  Christian Arnault  <carnault@lxplus032.cern.ch>

	* cmt/fragments/Doxyfile (SORT_MEMBER_DOCS): 
	* cmt/requirements: Add parameter DOXYGEN_SORT_MEMBER_DOCS

2002-11-12  Christian Arnault  <carnault@lxplus032.cern.ch>

	* cmt/fragments/doxygen_header: Protecting against missing directory or files

2002-11-07  Christian Arnault  <carnault@lxplus032.cern.ch>

	* requirements: Rename Doxygen to AtlasDoxygen