mana-core-atlasdoxygen / ChangeLog

2003-06-05  Christian Arnault  <>

	* cmt/requirements: Modification of the pattern for installing the
	doxygen into the installation areas.

	* cmt/fragments/doxygen_header: Make use of the new
	shell script

	* cmt/ Add a script for finding all tag files
	corresponding to used packages. Find tag files either inside the
	packages (../doc/<package>.tag) or in installation area

2002-12-05  Christian Arnault  <>

        * cmt/fragments/Doxyfile: Add DOT_IMAGE_FORMAT to override the png default (set to gif)

2002-11-15  Christian Arnault  <>

	* cmt/fragments/Doxyfile (SORT_MEMBER_DOCS): 
	* cmt/requirements: Add parameter DOXYGEN_SORT_MEMBER_DOCS

2002-11-12  Christian Arnault  <>

	* cmt/fragments/doxygen_header: Protecting against missing directory or files

2002-11-07  Christian Arnault  <>

	* requirements: Rename Doxygen to AtlasDoxygen