mana-core-atlasstladdreflex / ChangeLog

2008-08-14  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-13
	* removing dict for:
	    std::pair<int, unsigned int>
	    std::vector<long double>
	  (already provided by
	* M AtlasSTLAddReflex/AtlasSTLAddReflexDict.h
	* M AtlasSTLAddReflex/selection.xml

2008-03-06  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-12
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/selection.xml: added vec<vec<string>>

2007-12-13  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-11
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/selection.xml: added map string, uint

2007-12-07  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-10
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/AtlasSTLAddReflexDict.h (AtlasSTLAddReflexDict):
	added (U) long long, and long double

2007-10-23  Sebastien Binet  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-09
	* removing std::vector<std::vector<double> > as it is already present
	  in GaudiPythonDict

2007-10-16  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-08
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/selection.xml: adding vec<vec<double>>

2007-10-08  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-07
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/selection.xml: added vec<vec<uint>>

2007-07-05  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-06
	* adding dict for boost::array<double,16>

2007-06-14  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-05
	* doc/mainpage.h: adding in doxygen mainpage

2007-05-11  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-04
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/AtlasSTLAddReflexDict.h (AtlasSTLAddReflexDict):
	added map<int, uint>

2007-05-02  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-03
	* AtlasSTLAddReflex/AtlasSTLAddReflexDict.h (AtlasSTLAddReflexDict):
	duplicate v<v<double> with GaudiPython. Removed it here.

2007-03-16  RD Schaffer  <>

	* tagging AtlasSTLAddReflex-00-00-02
	* cmt/requirements: adding in new package for dict of basic
	classes missing from RELAX
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