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The default branch has multiple heads

2011-10-05  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost6.localdomain6>

        * tagging CLIDComps-00-06-04
	* test/CLIDRegistry_test.cxx (main): fixed unit tests

2011-04-28  Charles Leggett

        * tagging CLIDComps-00-06-03
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: fixing message level check logic

2011-04-28  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@calaf-laptop>

        * tagging CLIDComps-00-06-02
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: forgot to initialize the base class. Also fixed
	some message to make them follow the error reporting strategy

        * tagging CLIDComps-00-06-01
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: get rid of AthService inheritance as it 
	introduced a circular dependency AthenaBaseComps/CLIDComps

2011-04-11  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@calaf-laptop>

        * tagging CLIDComps-00-06-00
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: various changes to check debug/verbose prints
	and to remove (some) unnecessary string copying
	FIXME: somehow appeared a comp warning in some boost code

2009-09-25  Paolo Calafiura  
        * tagging CLIDComps-00-05-06
        * test/ClassIDSvc_test.cxx: finger problems...

2009-09-25  Paolo Calafiura  
        * tagging CLIDComps-00-05-05
        * test/ClassIDSvc_test.cxx: test handling of spaces (savannah 39528)

2009-08-03  Paolo Calafiura  
        * tagging CLIDComps-00-05-04
        * cmt/requirements: use new pattern component_library_no_genCLIDDB

2009-08-03  Paolo Calafiura  
        * tagging CLIDComps-00-05-03
        * cmt/requirements: fix install_scripts pattern usage

2009-02-03  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-05-02
	* hooks for tid inspection from python
	* M python/clidGenerator.py

2009-01-19  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-05-01
	* fixing up utests and python clid.db deciphering code
	* M python/clidGenerator.py
	* M test/CLIDRegistry_test.cxx
	* M test/ClassIDSvc_test.cxx
	* M test/_clid_unittest.py

2009-01-15  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-05-00
	* new ClassIDSvc to nicely handle typedefs
	* M share/Gaudi_clid.db
	* M src/ClassIDSvc.cxx
	* M src/ClassIDSvc.h

2008-04-22  Paolo Calafiura  
	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-08
	* share/Gaudi_clid.db: fix PACKAGE-VERSION format

2008-04-21  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost.localdomain>
	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-07
	* share/Gaudi_clid.db: added package name to entries

2008-04-18  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost.localdomain>
	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-06
	* share/clid: cleaned up
	* python/clidGenerator.py: bring up to speed withnew clid.db format. 
	Handle multiple clid.db files correctly

2008-04-06  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-05
	* update ref for ClassIDSvc_test
	* M share/ClassIDSvc_test.ref

2008-02-18  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lxplus220.cern.ch>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-04
	* share/clid: fixing last bits of CLIDComps migration

2008-02-05  Paolo Calafiura 

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-03
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: cleaned up a few extra MsgStream instantiations 

2008-01-17  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-02
	* test/_clid_unittest.py: fixing utest (location of py-module changed)

2007-12-13  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-01
	* adding missing test files and tools from CLIDSvc package
	* M cmt/requirements
	* A python/__init__.py
	* A python/clidGenerator.py
	* A share/CLIDRegistry_test.ref
	* A share/Gaudi_clid.db
	* A share/clid
	* A share/cvs2cliddb.csh
	* M test/CLIDComps.xml
	* A test/CLIDRegistry_test.cxx
	* A test/_clid_unittest.py

	* tagging CLIDComps-00-04-00
	* migration of CLIDSvc's content to SGTools
	* M cmt/requirements
	* M src/ClassIDSvc.cxx
	* M src/ClassIDSvc.h
	* M test/ClassIDSvc_test.cxx	

2007-10-08  Paolo Calafiura 

	tag CLIDComps-00-03-01
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx (ClassIDSvc::fillDB): add 
	boost::filesystem::no_check when creating paths (thanks Scott)

2007-10-05  Paolo Calafiura  
	tag CLIDComps-00-03-00
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx (ClassIDSvc::processCLIDDB): add package info to
	clid.db content

2007-10-04  Paolo Calafiura 
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx (ClassIDSvc::processCLIDDB): use CLIDDB instead
	of FIXME if clid comes from file
	tag CLIDComps-00-02-01
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx (ClassIDSvc::fillDB): use DirSearchPath instead of
	PathResolver. Loop over all clid db files in DATAPATH
	tag CLIDComps-00-02-00

2007-09-28  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@0-11-25-81-1e-12.dhcp.lbl.gov>
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: add clid.db to CLIDDBFiles default value
	tag CLIDComps-00-01-00

2007-09-24  Paolo Calafiura  

	* cmt/requirements: do not generate clid.db for this package (trying
	to work around mysterious cmt dependency problems)
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-04
2007-09-19  Paolo Calafiura  

	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx (ClassIDSvc::reinitialize): new method used by genCLIDDB
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-03

2007-08-30  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* src/ClassIDSvc.h, src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: Rescan the registry if its
	iterators have changed since the last call.  Allow picking up CLID
	definitions from libraries that are loaded via reflex instead of

2007-06-16  Paolo Calafiura
        * doc standdown
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: don't write out clid.db by default 
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-02

2007-03-02  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
        * cmt/requirements: added needed use statements 
	* test/ClassIDSvc_test.cxx: fixed include
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-01

2007-03-01  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* new package containing ClassIDSvc. Initial import.
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-00