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2007-09-24  Paolo Calafiura  

	* cmt/requirements: do not generate clid.db for this package (trying
	to work around mysterious cmt dependency problems)
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-04
2007-09-19  Paolo Calafiura  

	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx (ClassIDSvc::reinitialize): new method used by genCLIDDB
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-03

2007-08-30  scott snyder  <>

	* src/ClassIDSvc.h, src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: Rescan the registry if its
	iterators have changed since the last call.  Allow picking up CLID
	definitions from libraries that are loaded via reflex instead of

2007-06-16  Paolo Calafiura
        * doc standdown
	* src/ClassIDSvc.cxx: don't write out clid.db by default 
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-02

2007-03-02  Paolo Calafiura  <>
        * cmt/requirements: added needed use statements 
	* test/ClassIDSvc_test.cxx: fixed include
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-01

2007-03-01  Paolo Calafiura  <>
	* new package containing ClassIDSvc. Initial import.
	tag CLIDComps-00-00-00