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version 2.4 of rulechecker

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-2005-02-25  Solveig Albrand  <>
+2005-03-10 Solveig Albrand <>
+	* version 2.4 of rulechecker (should cure problems of parsing Boost)
+	* removed codewizard stuff
+2005-02-25  Solveig Albrand  <>
 	* Change to remove options from show constituents 
-a2004-12-21 Solveig Albrand <>
+2004-12-21 Solveig Albrand <>
 	* Installed version 2.3 of rulechecker - contains patches
 	* to enable parsing of some complex template constructs.
 2004-12-09  Christian Arnault  <>
 macro use_JavaSDK "" CodeCheck "JavaSDK JavaSDK-01-* External"
 use $(use_JavaSDK)
-#macro ATLAS_DIST_AREA "/afs/"
-#use AtlasSettings v1r14 $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA)
 # But do not add anything to the -I path
 include_path none
-# in ../rules should find the definition of the rules to be applied
-# The "user defined rules" *.rule
-# a textfile which lists the user defined rules which will be applied
-# and there should be at least a file called ".psrc" by default
-# which is the configuration for codewizard.
-# the configuration file ../rules/.psrc should contain :
-# (1)
-#	The definition of the default output file - which is be overruled by an option
-#	on the above line " -Zoi "report_file filename""	
-# (2) The enumeration of codewizard built-in rules which we want to use.
-# (3) The definition of other rules that codewizard will include
-#	(optional rules and home-made rules)
-# i.e. give the name of the text file containing the list
-# now get the paths right to find the codewizard tool
-      CERN&CodeCheck "/pttools/CodeWizard/codewizard"
-macro ARCH ""\
-      Linux&CodeCheck "linux2"
-# and what about SOLARIS ?	
-macro CODEWIZARD "" CodeCheck "${CODEWIZARD_TOP}/bin.${ARCH}"
-# The above should map to "/pttools/CodeWizard/codewizard/lib.linux2"
-# codewizard must be installed on the host machine 
-# this is the case for all atlas lxplus nodes.
-# and the execution called in the make file fragment is
-# ${CODEWIZARD}/codewizard
 # Now define the default path to put the results
  macro RULECHECKER_SUFFIX "" CodeCheck "/"  
  macro CCTMP "" CodeCheck "/CCTMP"
- macro CODEWIZARD_PSRC_FILENAME "" CodeCheck "psrcPackage"
-# next line puts codewizard into the global pattern
-pattern -global codewizard \
-  tag target_<package>cwreport CodeCheck ; \
-  document codewizard <package>cwreport -target_tag $(src)*.cxx -group=codewizard
-# then it is executed by 
-# gmake codewizard
-# and here we define the three makefile fragments for codewizard
-# The header defines the output file, and removes it if it exists
-# but it could perhaps be modified to do nothing is the file already exists
-# The trailer just defines the "clean" target.
-make_fragment codewizard_header -suffix=cwrpt
-make_fragment codewizard -suffix=cwrpt -header=codewizard_header  -dependencies -trailer=codewizard_trailer
-make_fragment codewizard_trailer
 ##### For Rule Checker
 ## This is the directory where the tool is installed
  macro IRST_DIR ""\
-    CERN&CodeCheck "/afs/"
+    CERN&CodeCheck "/afs/"
 ##       CERN "/afs/" 
 ignore_pattern doxygen
 ignore_pattern rulechecker
-ignore_pattern codewizard
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