mana-core-cxxutils / ChangeLog

2009-01-29  Paolo Calafiura
	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-15
        * added PtrAccessSIGVHandler and its test. This class provides a handle function that logs the  
	addresses that had an access violation. It can be installed as sigaction handler using its
        C facade in cPtrAccessSIGVHandler

2009-01-26  Paolo Calafiura
	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-14
        * turned procmaps into a "pseudo-singleton" so that maps can be read only once. At the same time
	added support for rereading maps when an address can not be located in loaded entries.

2009-01-23  Paolo Calafiura
	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-13
        * new class procmaps and its test

2008-12-12  Frank Winklmeier  <fwinkl@cern>

	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-11
	* src/SealDebug.cxx: Demangle symbol names on Linux.
	* CxxUtils/SealSignal.h: Make 'describe' public so it can be used by CoreDumpSvc.	
	* src/SealSignal.cxx: Fix typos in 'describe'.

2008-12-11  scott snyder  <>

	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-10.
	* CxxUtils/hashtable.h: Fix gcc 4.3 warnings.
	* cmt/requirements: We depend on boost now.

2008-12-09  David Quarrie <>

	* tagging CxxUtils-00-00-09
	* CxxUtils/hashtable.h:  )
	* src/SealDebug.cxx:     ) Add gcc 4.3 support
	* src/SealSharedLib.cxx: )
	* src/SealSignal.cxx:    )

2008-11-24  scott snyder  <>

	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-08.
	* CxxUtils/sincos.h: (new)
	* test/sincos_test.cxx: (new)
	* share/sincos_test.ref: (new)
	* cmt/requirements: Add sincos_test.

	* CxxUtils/fpcompare.h: Note that you run into the same problem
	using floats as keys for associative containers.
	* CxxUtils/SealSignal.h: Fix compilation warnings.

2008-11-17  David Quarrie <>
	* CxxUtils/SealCommon.h: Extend Apple #defines
	* CxxUtils/SealSignal.h: Add #include <climits> in order to get access to CHAR_BIT and add fields in siginfo_t for MacOSX
	* src/SealSignal.cxx: Add #include <sys/stat.h>
	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-07

2008-11-14  Wim Lavrijsen <>
        * added Apple #defines to SealCommon.h (taken from MacOSX 10.5 config.h)

2008-10-29  Wim Lavrijsen <>
        * binutils on SLC4 appears not to consider /lib/ for symbols -> worked around
        * tagging CxxUtils-00-00-06

2008-10-28  Wim Lavrijsen <>
        * added a stripped-down version of the seal signal handler
        * tagging CxxUtils-00-00-05

2008-10-22  scott s snyder  <>

	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-04.
	* CxxUtils/hashtable.h: Add default constructors for hashtable
	iterators (ForwardIterator requirements).
	* test/hashtable_test.cxx: Test use of default ctors.

2008-09-29  scott snyder  <>

	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-03.
	* CxxUtils/fpcompare.h: Make more robust.

	* Tagging CxxUtils-00-00-02.
	* CxxUtils/fpcompare.h: (new)
	* test/fpcompare_test.cxx: (new)
	* share/fpcompare_test.ref: (new)
	* cmt/requirements: Add the test.

2008-09-16  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging CxxUtils-00-00-01
	* adding ATN unit test hook
	* A test/CxxUtils.xml

2008-09-09  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging CxxUtils-00-00-00
	* first import of a package holding a set of C++ classes and template
	  utilities w/o any external dependency (apart from boost)
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