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Move IAthenaBarCode Navigation -> AthenaKernel

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+2012-02-21 Walter Lampl <>
+	* Move IAthenaBarCode from Control/Navigation to Control/AthenaKernel
+          to braek circular dependency. No dependency any more on Naviagtion.
+	* Tag DataModel-00-23-29
 2012-02-09 Walter Lampl <Walter.Lampl@>
 	* Add first version of UserDataStore
 	* Tag DataModel-00-23-28

File DataModel/UserDataStore.h

 #include "GaudiKernel/StatusCode.h"
-#include "Navigation/IAthenaBarCode.h"
+#include "AthenaKernel/IAthenaBarCode.h"
 #include <string>
 #include <map>

File cmt/requirements

 use AtlasReflex      AtlasReflex-*         External
 #added for UserDataStore
-use CLIDSvc        CLIDSvc-00-*        Control
-use Navigation     Navigation-00-*     Control
+use CLIDSvc        CLIDSvc-*        Control
 apply_pattern installed_library