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mana-core-navigation / ChangeLog

2010-03-09  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-15-01.
	* Backported from mainline:
	* Navigation/Navigable.h, Navigation/Navigable.icc: Add
	insertElement, taking an ElementLink.
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h, test/NavigableIterator_test.cxx:
	Add getElement() to return an ElementLink.

2009-06-10  Yushu Yao <yyao@nospam.lbl.gov>
	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-15.
	* Navigation/IAthenaBarCode.h: work around forward decl of AthenaBarCode_t for IUserDataSvc

2009-06-10  Yushu Yao <yyao@nospam.lbl.gov>
	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-14.
	* src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: fixed counter rewinding bug

2009-05-10  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-13.
	* test/Navigation.xml: Test result differences are errors.
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: Take fast_push_back from
	* cmt/requirements: Add dependency on CxxUtils.

2009-03-10  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-12.
	* Navigation/AthenaBarCodeImpl.h, src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: Add
	setDefaultHash().  Used to avoid creating JobIDSvc from ARA.

2009-01-20  Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-11.
	* BugFix ValTag: https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?45008
 	* src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: fix maxdigits (36->16)

2008-12-12  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-10.

	* test/AthenaBarCodeImpl_test.cxx: gcc 4.3 fixes.

	* Navigation/IAthenaBarCode.h: Fix compilation warnings.
	* Navigation/AthenaBarCodeImpl.h: Fix compilation warnings.
	* src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: Fix compilation warnings.
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: Fix compilation warnings.

2008-11-25  Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-09.
 	* src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: replaced static with const in constructor

2008-11-25  Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-08.
	* Added unit test for AthenaBarCodeImpl
	* share/AthenaBarCodeImpl_test.ref: new file 
 	* test/AthenaBarCodeImpl_test.cxx: new file
	* cmt/requirements: added unit test entry

2008-11-24  Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-07.
	* src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: rewind barcodeCounter to avoid overflow setBit error.

2008-11-24  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-06.
	* test/Navigation.xml: (new)

2008-10-22  scott s snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-05.
	* Navigation/selection.xml, Navigation/NavigationDict.h: Remove
	dict entry for IStoragePolicy.

2008-09-25  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-04.
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h: Allow specifying the hash function
	to use in the underlying container.
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.icc: Likewise.

2008-09-17  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging Navigation-00-06-03
	* fixing bug #41663: uninit var in NavigationToken
	* M Navigation/NavigationToken.h

2008-09-15  Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-02.
	* src/AthenaBarCodeImpl.cxx: suppress debug messages

2008-09-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-01.
	* cmt/requirements: Fix checkreq warning.

2008-09-09  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-06-00.
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h: Rewrite to be a proper STL
	* test/NavigableIterator_test.cxx: (new)
	* share/NavigableIterator_test.ref: (new)
	* cmt/requirements: Add it.

2008-09-08 Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>
	* tagging Navigation-00-05-03
	* Fixed chkreq warnings

2008-09-05 Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>
	* tagging Navigation-00-05-02
	* Replaced some return StatusCode with throw exception in AthenaBarCode

2008-08-25  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-05-01.

	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h: Cache the last type rejected by
	the dynamic_cast in trySetObject, in order to reduce the number of
	dynamic_cast calls.
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.icc: Likewise.

2008-08-19 Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>

	* tagging Navigation-00-05-00
	* Merge with Navigation-00-02-00-11
	* Added AthenaBarCode (See Twiki AthenaBarCode)
2008-08-02  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-04-01.
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h: Make NavigationTokenIterator more
	like a standard STL iterator.

2008-07-30  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-04-00

	* Navigation/Navigable.icc (apply, toKidsAfterAccept,
	toKidsAfterReject): Avoid multiple calls to getConstituents(). 
	(toKidsAfterAccept, toKidsAfterReject): Avoid creating boost::any
	objects in an inner loop.
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h, Navigation/NavigationToken.icc:
	Use unordered_map (with pool
	allocator) rather than map to hold the data.  Fix
	increment/decrement operations of iterator.  Add size hint arg to

2007-01-25  Yushu Yao <yyao@lbl.gov>
	* tagging Navigation-00-02-00-02
	* Reduced FileBits in AthenaBarCode from 12 to 10, thus allowing 2^18 objects in the same event.
2007-12-11  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging Navigation-00-03-01
	* removing the potentially disturbing AthenaBarCode changes
	  (are made in a separate branch)
	* sanitizing a bit the maze of branches and heads... (a bit)
	* M Navigation/INavigable.h: likewise

2007-12-10  scott s snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-02-01.
	* Navigation/NavigationDict.h: Include IStoragePolicy header ---
	we're generating its dict.

2007-11-28  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-01-07.
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h (getContIndex): If the
	linked container is not readable, return false (with the proper
	index) rather than crashing.

2007-10-16  David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.icc: Use static_cast<> in order to reset the m_navConditions data member (which is declared as const).
 	* Tagged as Navigation-00-01-06

2007-07-24 Nir Amram <Nir.Amram@cern.ch>
 	* Changed used package AtlasSEAL to AtlasReflex
 	* Tagged as Navigation-00-01-05

2007-03-03  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-01-04
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h (NavigationDefaults): added
	second arg to replace container pointer

2007-03-01  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-01-03
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h (NavigationDefaults): implementation
	* Navigation/Navigable.h (virtual): added replace method to switch
	to a new container object, assumed to (eventually) be filled with
	the elements.

2007-01-05  Scott Snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Tagging Navigation-00-01-01.

	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h (NavigationDefaults): Speed up
	insert by using std::pair specialization and fast_push_back.

2006-12-02  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging Navigation-00-01-00
	* new INav4Mom DDoD-free architecture

2006-06-14  Marcin Nowak  <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>

	*  typedefs added to Navigable tp make the template parameter
	types accessible from outside the template - 
	needed for transient/persistent	conversion : 
	container_type, parameter_type and navhelper_t
	* tag Navigation-00-00-33

2006-05-12  Kyle Stuart Cranmer  <cranmer@lxplus011.cern.ch>

	* fixed stupid bug, tag -32

2006-05-11  Kyle Cranmer  <cranmer@acas0001.usatlas.bnl.gov>

	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h missed one call to childPtr
	* tag Navigation-00-00-31

2006-05-10  Kyle Cranmer  <cranmer@acas0001.usatlas.bnl.gov>

	* Navigation/Navigable.icc: and also...
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h protect against dereferencing
	invalid ElementLink (avoid crash when trying to back navigate).
	Only put protection in methods used by fillToken()
	* tag Navigation-00-00-30

2006-03-19  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: extra ; (again?)
	* tag Navigation-00-00-29

2006-03-12  scott s snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h (insert): Adjust for ambiguity
	fix in ElementLink.
	* Tag Navigation-00-00-26.

2006-03-07  scott s snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>

	* Navigation/Navigable.h: Add sizeHint arg to putElement,
	* Navigation/Navigable.icc: Likewise.
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h (insert): Add sizeHint arg.
	Clean up use of temporaries.
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.icc (pushQuery): Avoid unused arg
	* tag Navigation-00-00-25

2005-08-04 Emil Obreshkov <Emil.Obreshkov@cern.ch>
	* Navigation/Navigable.h: fix for gcc344
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.icc: fix for gcc344
	* tag Navigation-00-00-24

2005-07-29  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h: Matthias fixes
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: Matthias fixes
	* tag Navigation-00-00-23

2005-07-21 Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	*Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: bug fix (typo)
2005-07-13  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,.icc]: added dumpStore() method for 
	debugging, and some iterator clean-up
2005-07-06  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,.icc]: added reweight() method for changing 
	relational parameters
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,.icc]: added insertElement() method to insert
	elements without checks
	* Navigation/NavigationDefault.h: support change of relational 
	parameters, added changeParm() method

2005-06-16  Paolo Calafiura<pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h:fix bug #8990
        * tag Navigation-00-00-18	

2005-04-11  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: bug fix.	

2004-08-04  David Quarrie  <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>

	* cmt/requirements: Change dependency on Boost to one on
	AtlasBoost to avoid a name clash

2004-07-14 S. Rajagopalan <srinir@bnl.gov>
	* NavigationDefaults.h: getChildPtr: fix for constness.
	* due to a change in DataModel::ElementLink
	* tag Navigation-00-00-15
2004-05-03  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: bug fix in typedefs and helper
	functions in DefaultChildColl for RPAR=DefaultWeight case

2004-04-27  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,.icc]: bug fix in fillToken removed double 
	counting of constituents when handed to the NavigationToken
	* Navigation/NavigationToken[.h,.icc]: clean-up and minor bug fixes
	* cmt/requirements: added AtlasPolicy and Boost dependencies 

2004-04-23  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,.icc]: added method to retrieve constituent
	index on its storable container
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: support function for above

2004-04-21  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: change to store ElementLink again,
	rather than ElementLink*
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,icc]: adapt internal references to new store

2004-04-19  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h: make constructor public again 
2004-04-16  Peter Loch & Hong Ma <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigableTerminalNode.h: seperate header file added
	* Navigation/NavigableVectorIterator.h: fixed return types
	* Navigation/NavigationDict.h: SEAL dictionary header added
	* Navigation/selection.xml: SEAL dictionary selection added 
	* cmt/requirements: include SEAL dictionary generation

2004-04-15  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h: bug fix in iterator returns
	* Navigation/Navigable[.h,icc]: corrected for above bug

2004-04-14  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable.h: replace Navigable<> with 
	NavigableTerminalNode implementation for persistency

2004-04-09  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigableVector.h: (added) simple navigable container
	* Navigation/NavigableVectorIterator.h: (added) corresponding iterator 

2004-04-08  David Rousseau  <droussea@lxplus052.cern.ch>

	* Navigation/INavigable.h (class INavigable): provide virtual 
	destructor with its implementation

2004-04-07  David Rousseau  <droussea@lxplus055.cern.ch>

	* Navigation/INavigationToken.h: virtual destructor = 0

2004-04-06  David Rousseau  <droussea@lxplus005.cern.ch>

	* Navigation/INavigable.h: virutal destructor = 0

2004-04-02  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable.h         : add removeAll()
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h : allow comparisons to const refs
2004-03-31  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* fixes small fixes 
2004-02-23  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h: fix internal iterator handling
	* Navigation/Navigable.h: added	feature: put/retrieve ElementLink 
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: added feature: put/retrieve 
	ElementLink directly
2004-02-17  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/NavigableIterator.h: fix all const/non-const pointers and
2004-02-17  Peter Loch <loch@physics.arizona.edu>
	* Navigation/Navigable.h: fix all const/non const pointers and refs
	* Navigation/NavigationDefaults.h: fix all const/non-const pointers 
	and refs
	* Navigation/INavigationToken.h: correct arguments	
	* Navigation/NavigationToken.h: correct arguments, non-const/const 
	pointers and refs