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mana-core-pyjobtransformscore / ChangeLog

16-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/basic_trfarg.py: added class BoolArg
14-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	    - pattern declare_jobtransforms now uses standard paths
	    - expand_files.py script now installed in InstallArea scripts area
	cmt/expand_files.py: moved to ../share
	python/trfutil.py: added class JobOptionsFile
	    - added class JobOptionsNotFoundError
	    - *FileError classes now take filename as explicit additional argument
	python/trf.py: preparing for adding user defined joboptions
	python/basic_trf.py: fixed a few bugs in InputFileArg.preRunAction()
7-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trferr.py: added catching of exception KeyboardInterrupt
	    - writing output to logfile
	    - added 'exec' to last.<mytrf> file to avoid re-running problems 
	      due to it being overwritten while being run.
	    - removal of old commented-out code.
	    - exit with 'UnknownException' if errorHandler does not handle error.
6-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	Imported everything from PyJobTransforms
	Moved examples to the respective domain packages
	      - Installing jobtransforms in dedicated area (InstallArea/trfs)
	      -	Adding trfs installarea path to PYTHONPATH,PATH & JOBOPTSEARCHPATH
	test/*.py: adapted to use of PyJobTransformsCore
	python/*.py: adapted to use of PyJobTransformsCore
	python/trf.py: add default name for skeleton joboptions file
3-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	cmt/expand_files.py: new! Utility to expand filenames from source & destination dir
	cmt/requirements: using new utility expand_files.py to gather all transforms
	cmt/requirements: default directory for finding jobtransforms is ../scripts
2-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trfutil.py: fixed bug in Author.__str__()
	python/runargs.py: added function RunArguments.__str__()
1-03-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trfutil.py: load_module() more rubust
	test/trfutil_test.py: some more tests for load_module() and class StringNumberList
28-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	test/myunittest.py: now handles temporary files
	test/MyTest.py: renamed to myunittest.py
	test/basic_trfarg.py: now using myunittest.py
	example/dc3_simul_trf.py: new! Jobtransform for simulation (not finished yet)
27-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	test/*test.py: fixed some bugs
	test/MyTest.py: new! base class for unit testing
	python/basic_trfarg.py: bugfix in InputTarFileArg
	python/trfenv.py: bugfix in setup_runtime()
23-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	cmt/requirements: added pattern declare_jobtransforms
	python/trfargs: moved all files in this directory up one level. This dir is now obsolete.
	python/*.py: adapted for new location of files that were in subdir trfargs
17-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trfenv.py: added function setup_runtime() that must be called explicitly,
	                  otherwise os.system() can not do any command without the athena full 
	                  runtime environment (I guess because of LD_PRELOAD)
	python/trf.py: calling trfenv.setup_runtime() explicitly before running athena
	python/trfutil.py: - added class StringNumList, which does the FileList decoding.
	                   - class Filename now allows regexp as type,contents and suffix.
	                   - moved intelligence of FileListArg to class StringNumberList
			   - added class InputTarFileArg
	test/filelist_test.py: removed. Contents moved to trfutil_test.py
	test/load_test.py: removed. Contents moved to trfutil_test.py
	test/trfutil_test.py: new! gathers all unittests for trfutil.py
	test/basic_trfarg_test.py: new! gathers all unittests for basic_trfarg.py
16-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	test/filelist_test.py: new! Unittest for testing FileListArg
	python/trfargs/basic_trfarg.py: debugged FileListArg.
14-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trfargs/basic_trfarg.py: added classes FileListArg and InputFileListArg. Not yet tested.
	python.trferr.py: cosmetic change: don't print ExitStatus to screen if status 0 (appeared in help)
10-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trferr.py: added class TransformErrorHandler to handle errors
	python/athena_wrapper.py: moved error handling to external error handler
	python/trfutil.py: added load_module() and load_errorhandlers() functions
08-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/*.py: improve error reporting in case a DLL is not found
01-02-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trf.py: - simplified member function names
	               - made data members private
	               - removed obsolete *Instance* member functions
	               - removed auto-skeleton generation (was not ready anyway)
		       - remove usage of Pre/PostRunCommand classes
	               - simplified member function names
	               - made class data members private and changed some names to avoid clashes
		       - removed overkill classes Pre/PostRunCommand
	python/trfxml.py: minor improvements
	               - simplified member function names
	               - made data members private
		       - changed member function names so type() and metaType() now correspond to the Production System naming scheme
		       - moved fully specified argument classes to module full_trfarg.py
	python/trfargs/full_trfarg.py: New! Contains fully specified argument classes previously in basic_trfarg.py
	python/example/ratxml.py: adapted to changes in other python files
	python/example/dc3_evgen_trf.py: using full_trfarg module instead of basic_trfarg (new scheme)
	test/ : New directory to hold tests
	test/testargs_trf.py: New! First TestJobTransform
31-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trf.py: Removed option -q xmlsig. Functionality now in external python script (example/ratxml.py)
	python/trfutil.py: added function load_transforms() to load all transformations available in a python file.
	python/trfxml.py: some improvements
	python/trfargs/basic_trfargs.py: added classes ListArg and SkipEventsArg
	example/ratxml.py: New! Takes over the functionality of option -q xmlsig, to move the maintainance of this code
	                   to where it belongs: in the RAT group  (since they use this functionality).
30-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trf.py: - First working version of -q,--query xmlsig
	python/trfutil.py: added some more file classes. Can specify type,contents and suffix.
	python/athena_wrapper.py: added catching of exception AttributeError
	python/trfxml.py: New! Some xml utilities
	python/trfargs/basic_trfargs.py: added some specific input and output classes. Check on filename suffix.
	example/dc3_evgen_trf.py: using new input/output file classes
	example/skeleton.dc3_evgen.py: adapted to use new variable name of input file.
27-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trf.py: - removed option -r,--run (obsolete)
		       - added option -q,--query xmlsig: print arguments signature in xml format for production system.
	                 Work in progress...
	python/trfutil.py: started to add some specific file type classes
	python/trferr.py: add default for call to trferr.exit()
26-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/athena_wrapper.py: Added catching of exception NameError
	python/trferr.py: added JOBOPTIONS_PYTHON_ERROR
	python/trf.py: - writing argument values in object 'runArgs' instead of global namespace
	               - parameters filename renamed to runargs.<trfname>.py
		       - write out last full command line in file 'last.<trfname>' for easy repeating
		       - easier to read help output (-h option)
		       - some cleanup of code
	python/trfutil.py: removed classes JobOptionsSnippet and JobOptionsFile
	python/trfargs/runargs.py: New! Holds the RunArgument class
	example/dc3_evgen_trf.py: removed the default values
	example/skeleton.dc3_evgen.py: Adapted to use run arguments from runArgs object
24-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/athena_wrapper.py: Catch exception SystemExit
	python/trf.py: some bug fixes
	python/trferr.py: added class OutputFileError
	python/trfargs/basic_trfarg.py: modified Pre/PostRunActions to return message string
	python/trfutil.py: modified Pre/PostRunActions to return message string
	example/dc3_evgen_trf.py: added defaults for ntuple and histo files (for testing)
	example/skeleton.dc3_evgen.py: Fixed bugs. Runs now. Ntuple file missing, Histo file empty.
23-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	python/trf.py: improve options handling
	python/trfenv.py: add LD_PRELOAD environment to run athena_wrapper.py
	python/athena_wrapper.py: added catching of "DLL not found" error
	example/skeleton.dc3_evgen.py: new! Added to get something to work

20-01-2006 Martin Woudstra
	cmt/requirements: fix package name and make consistent with project builds
	example: now subclassing event generation example transformation
	python/trf.py: Added 'running athena' part, added exit status values, cleanup
	python/trferr.py: added error codes & messages (values to be changed)
	python/trfutil.py: added find_joboptions
	python/athena_wrapper.py: new! Turn Include exception into exit code
	python/trfenv.py: new! Set up some environment info

24-11-2005 Martin Woudstra
	First import of some real code. Only partly working.