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sync w/ atlasoff

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 317e7bab9e91bc4b4b5ac88dac6db8fee9b53b13 RootUtils-00-00-54
 8bd1d7e313aad3fd7e255c913df4d27662349749 RootUtils-00-00-55
 127843dd242d15530feeeadda54dd6c2aae20c76 RootUtils-00-00-56
+0e6811cf8661b8bb5968dc382f4f8ddee651f352 RootUtils-00-00-57
+ddb94dd537d9a6a97f821ced24d421f806a425ec RootUtils-00-00-58
+2012-03-09  Sebastien Binet  <>
+	* tagging RootUtils-00-00-58
+	* fixing bug #89025: Py_XDECREF instead of Py_DECREF
+	* M src/pyroot/PyROOTInspector.cxx
 2011-08-10  scott snyder  <>
 	* Tagging RootUtils-00-00-57.


       PyObject *itr = PySequence_GetItem(pyobj, i);
       PyObject *itr_name = ::new_pylist(pyobj_name, pyidx);
       recurse_pyinspect(itr, itr_name, pystack);
-      Py_DECREF(itr_name);
-      Py_DECREF(pyidx);
-      Py_DECREF(itr);
+      Py_XDECREF(itr_name);
+      Py_XDECREF(pyidx);
+      Py_XDECREF(itr);
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