mana-core-rootutils / RootUtils / InitHist.h

// This file's extension implies that it's C, but it's really -*- C++ -*-.
// $Id: InitHist.h,v 1.1 2007-10-07 00:01:54 ssnyder Exp $

 * @file  RootUtils/InitHist.h
 * @author scott snyder
 * @date Oct 2007
 * @brief Initialize root's getline history.
 *        You'll need this if you use TTreeViewer using python
 *        as your interactive shell.  TTreeViewer pushes information
 *        onto the getline history list.  However, getline is initialized
 *        only when CINT is used as the shell.  If that isn't the case,
 *        then such attempts to push to the history will crash.


namespace RootUtils {

 * @brief Initialize root's getline history.
class InitHist
   * @brief Initialize root's getline history.
   * This could (almost) just as well be a free function.
   * The only reason to put it inside a class is that root doesn't
   * auto-load functions, only classes.
  static void Initialize();

} // namespace RootUtils

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