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Use IProxyDictWithPool to make address remapping work for ElementLinks (Thanks Scott)

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+2009-08-17  Peter van Gemmeren <>
+	* src/AddressRemappingSvc: Use IProxyDictWithPool (rather than IProxyDict) to make address remapping
+	work for ElementLinks (Thanks Scott)
+	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-24
 2009-07-24  Peter van Gemmeren <>
 	* src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Create addresses for new proxies to make remapping work with


 #include "GaudiKernel/GenericAddress.h"
 #include "AthenaKernel/IClassIDSvc.h"
-#include "AthenaKernel/IProxyDict.h"
+#include "SGTools/IProxyDictWithPool.h"
 #include "SGTools/DataProxy.h"
 #include "SGTools/TransientAddress.h"
       SG::TransientAddress newTad(getClid(entry.second.substr(0, p_newSep)), entry.second.substr(p_newSep + 1));
       log << MSG::INFO << "TypeKeyOverwriteMaps for: " << newTad.clID() << "#" << << " -> " << oldTad.clID() << "#" << << endreq;
+      m_proxyDict->stringToKey (, oldTad.clID());
+      m_proxyDict->stringToKey (, newTad.clID());


 // Forward declarations
 class IClassIDSvc;
-class IProxyDict;
+class IProxyDictWithPool;
 //template <class TYPE> class SvcFactory;
 private: // Data
    ServiceHandle<IClassIDSvc> m_clidSvc;
-   ServiceHandle<IProxyDict>  m_proxyDict;
+   ServiceHandle<IProxyDictWithPool> m_proxyDict;
    /// TypeKeyOverwriteMaps, map for type#key overwrites.
    StringArrayProperty m_overwriteMaps;
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