mana-core-sgcomps / ChangeLog

The default branch has multiple heads

2007-08-23  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost.localdomain>
	* class SG::Folder: new property CheckItems. Set to check if 
	item types are known to ClassIDSvc. False by default.
	* share/SGFolder_test.txt: set Folder::CheckItems for this test
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-05

2007-07-09  Paolo Calafiura 
	* cmt/requirements: moved ProxyProviderSvc_test to ControlTest to 
	remove StoreGate <-> SGComps dep loop
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-04

2007-07-06  Paolo Calafiura  <>
	* cmt/requirements: make chkconfig happy
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-03

2007-06-23  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost.localdomain>
	* src/SGFolder.h: #include IClassIDSvc.h for the benefit of our clients
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-02

2007-06-22  Paolo Calafiura  <>
	* Initial import as SGComps-00-00-00
	* documentation standdown change
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-01