mana-core-sgcomps / ChangeLog

2010-06-07  Sebastien Binet  <>

	* tagging SGComps-00-00-34
	* fwd compat w/ gaudi-v21
	* M src/ProxyProviderSvc.h
	* M src/AddressRemappingSvc.h

2010-05-14  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@calaf-laptop>

	* tagging SGComps-00-00-33
	* src/ProxyProviderSvc.cxx (ProxyProviderSvc::addAddresses): use
	setTransientAddress when refreshing proxy so that alias and symlinks
	are refreshed from one event to the next (#62088)

2010-04-02  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging SGComps-00-00-32
	* reverting previous change, migrating to AthMessaging instead
	* M src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx
	* M src/ProxyProviderSvc.cxx
	* M src/AddressRemappingSvc.h
	* M src/ProxyProviderSvc.h

2010-03-31  Sebastien Binet  <binet@farnsworth>

	* tagging SGComps-00-00-31
	* migration to AthenaBaseComps
	* M cmt/requirements
	* M src/SGDeleteAlg.cxx
	* M src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx
	* M src/SGDeleteAlg.h
	* M src/SGFolder.cxx
	* M src/ProxyProviderSvc.cxx
	* M src/AddressRemappingSvc.h
	* M src/SGFolder.h
	* M src/ProxyProviderSvc.h

2009-12-18  Peter van Gemmeren <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Fix appearance of huge memory leak caused by SGComps-00-00-29.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-30

2009-10-13  Peter van Gemmeren <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Do address creation for new proxies in preLoad only for EventStore.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-29

2009-09-21  Paolo Calafiura  <>

	* src/ProxyProviderSvc.cxx (addAddress): improved error checking

2009-09-16  Peter van Gemmeren <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Move IProxyDict retrieval to preLoadAddress to handle ElementLinks
	more completely (Thanks Scott)
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-28

2009-09-03  Peter van Gemmeren <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc: Move address creation for new proxies to preLoad (Savannah #55249)
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-27

2009-08-27  Paolo Calafiura 
	* SGDeleteAlg: use clearProxyPayload (bug 54916)
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-26

2009-08-20  Peter van Gemmeren <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc: Revert back to use IProxyDict but this time with IStringPool (Thanks Scott)
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-25

2009-08-17  Peter van Gemmeren <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc: Use IProxyDictWithPool (rather than IProxyDict) to make address remapping
	work for ElementLinks (Thanks Scott)
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-24

2009-07-24  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Create addresses for new proxies to make remapping work with
	OutputStream ForceRead = true; and use GenericAddress.par() to copy token, so it can be overloaded
	for PoolTokenAddress.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-23

2009-05-27  scott snyder  <>
	* src/AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Handle chained remappings.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-22

2009-05-04  Paolo Calafiura 
	* AddressRemappingSvc: add ProxyDict property for PileUp jobs
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-21

2009-04-15  Paolo Calafiura  
	* new algo SGDeleteAlg deletes all data objs in its ToDelete.ItemList 
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-20

2008-06-06  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* AddressRemappingSvc: Handle symlinks and key alias.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-19

2008-05-27  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* AddressRemappingSvc.cxx: Use old clid for sqizzled object.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-18

2008-05-21  Paolo Calafiura 
	* src/ProxyProviderSvc.cxx (ProxyProviderSvc::addAddress): HACK to delete HLTAutoKey proxies at the end of each event
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-17

2008-05-15  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* AddressRemappingSvc: Replace StoreGateSv with IProxyDict.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-16

2008-05-13  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* AddressRemappingSvc: Changes after code inspection (thanks David).
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-14

2008-05-09  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* src/AddressRemappingSvc: Adding AddressRemappingSvc to map new clid/key tads to older clid/key token.
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-13

2008-04-23  Paolo Calafiura  

	* src/SGFolder.h: added clear() method as requested by Peter to
	address the issue of "exploding" trigger keys
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-12

	* src/SGFolder.cxx (Folder::Folder): 
	update for v19r9: declareProperty does not return SC anymore
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-11

2008-03-05  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* src/ProxyProviderSvc.h: Use std::list for IAddressProvider* to allow fixed order
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-10

2008-01-04  Peter van Gemmeren <>

	* src/ProxyProviderSvc.cxx: skip updateAddress() for objects in SIMPLE_STORE
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-09

2007-10-12  Paolo Calafiura  <>

	* src/SGFolder.cxx (Folder::decodeItem): fix bug in handling items of the form "typename/..."
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-08

2007-10-10  Paolo Calafiura  <>
	* src/SGFolder.cxx (Folder::add): when using typename/key must check
	if clid is valid anyway
	* test/SGFolder_test.cxx : added Folder_tester class to test the 
	add method with checkValidCLID true and false
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-07

2007-08-29  Paolo Calafiura  <>

	* src/SGFolder.h: added flag checkValidCLID to add methods, and introduced new method updateItemList.
	This allows to do loose checking of typename/CLID match when setting the ItemList, and gives a hook
	to update the list of valid items in the folder when it is time e.g. to write out an output stream.
	Fixes bug 29015
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-06

2007-08-23  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost.localdomain>
	* class SG::Folder: new property CheckItems. Set to check if 
	item types are known to ClassIDSvc. False by default. bug 29015
	* share/SGFolder_test.txt: set Folder::CheckItems for this test
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-05

2007-07-09  Paolo Calafiura 
	* cmt/requirements: moved ProxyProviderSvc_test to ControlTest to 
	remove StoreGate <-> SGComps dep loop
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-04

2007-07-06  Paolo Calafiura  <>
	* cmt/requirements: make chkconfig happy
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-03

2007-06-23  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost.localdomain>
	* src/SGFolder.h: #include IClassIDSvc.h for the benefit of our clients
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-02

2007-06-22  Paolo Calafiura  <>
	* Initial import as SGComps-00-00-00
	* documentation standdown change
	* tagged as SGComps-00-00-01