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Tag Commit Date Download
tip e130faf
SGTools-00-17-05 5c8431a
SGTools-00-17-04 5d2dd1f
SGTools-00-17-03 3233fca
SGTools-00-17-02 e8df26d
SGTools-00-17-01 528b885
SGTools-00-16-17-01 befc6a8
SGTools-00-17-00 041094c
SGTools-00-16-17 e9eb0c1
SGTools-00-16-13-01 cab9208
SGTools-00-16-16 45180f6
SGTools-00-16-15 ecc1616
SGTools-00-16-14 932a9f1
SGTools-00-16-13 3069dc3
SGTools-00-16-12 07867a4
SGTools-00-16-11 bc31357
SGTools-00-16-10 5ff687b
SGTools-00-16-09 5a9fc71
SGTools-00-16-08 fd47eff
SGTools-00-16-07 4110f41
SGTools-00-16-06 7f9a9d7
SGTools-00-16-05 aa7cbc8
SGTools-00-16-04 950d020
SGTools-00-16-03 29fcc97
SGTools-00-16-02 26f3eb4
SGTools-00-16-01 c1012b5
SGTools-00-16-00 9815f19
SGTools-00-15-04 6d0f9d2
SGTools-00-15-03 8a91fe5
SGTools-00-13-02-03 09be00e
SGTools-00-15-02 9e8b3c0
SGTools-00-13-02-02 cc7381e
SGTools-00-15-01 ec4c66b
SGTools-00-15-00 d8979c4
SGTools-00-13-02-01 d56408f
SGTools-00-14-02 10af53c
SGTools-00-14-01 5f49751
SGTools-00-14-00 81347e7
SGTools-00-13-03 0d56049
SGTools-00-13-02 5bb5efa
SGTools-00-12-02-05 f9ea9cf
SGTools-00-12-02-04 0be3fff
SGTools-00-13-01 af2ffe3
SGTools-00-13-00 4b137ae
SGTools-00-12-03 53d33a3
SGTools-00-12-02-03 f5faa8e
SGTools-00-12-02-02 ab072e4
SGTools-00-12-02-01 d3485ba
SGTools-00-12-02 e073411
SGTools-00-12-01 05f3027
SGTools-00-12-00 2866a96
SGTools-00-11-00 2ae7283
SGTools-00-10-08 e47df32
SGTools-00-10-07 b2e06d1
SGTools-00-10-06 42dd419
SGTools-00-10-05 d6a2009
SGTools-00-10-04 bc42e40
SGTools-00-10-03 8b7a216
SGTools-00-10-02 094c010
SGTools-00-10-01 a5cf6cc
SGTools-00-07-09-01 fc21023
SGTools-00-10-00 52bb0ca
SGTools-00-09-00 3d8edd0
SGTools-00-08-05-01 efbb965
SGTools-00-08-05 5d10ca6
SGTools-00-08-04 ee663fa
SGTools-00-08-03 c445f58
SGTools-00-08-02 b105393
SGTools-00-08-01 12624ce
SGTools-00-08-00 b643cc9
SGTools-00-07-09 92cce87
SGTools-00-07-08 2c8d13e
Branch Commit Date Download
waffle-repo e130faf
mob e130faf
default bfd3c84
master bfd3c84
SGTools-00-16-17-branch acf3b31
SGTools-00-16-16-branch 3e2a1bd
SGTools-00-16-13-branch 8c21a6f
SGTools-00-13-02-branch ae6717c
SGTools-00-12-02-branch 079c027
SGTools-00-07-09-branch c5238af
SGTools-00-08-05-shortkey-br acfe367
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