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mana-core-testtools / ChangeLog

2009-12-08  Paolo Calafiura
	* tagging TestTools-00-04-06
	* cmt/requirements: remove bash extensions from UnitTest_run pattern
	to make it run as a true sh script

2009-06-16 Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tagging TestTools-00-04-05
	* replace #!/usr/local/bin/bash with #!/usr/bin/env bash
	* in scripts for ATN tests
2008-07-03  Paolo Calafiura  

	* tagging TestTools-00-04-04
	* TestTools/FLOATassert.h: functions & macros to test the difference 
	between floats

2008-02-19  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lxplus220.cern.ch>

	* tagging TestTools-00-04-03
	* share/IoAuditor_fragment.py: minor change for configurables

2007-11-09  Paolo Calafiura  

	* tagging TestTools-00-04-02
	* share/post.sh (PP): ignore all lines with txt jo parser comments

2007-10-05  Paolo Calafiura  

	* tagging TestTools-00-04-01
	* share/post.sh (PP): update ClassIDSvc pattern to be ignored

2007-09-07  Paolo Calafiura 
	* tagging TestTools-00-04-00
	* cmt/requirements: remove redundant -import=TestTools from UnitTest_run definition.
	This addresses the -ldpm problem with nightly tests.
2007-03-08  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging TestTools-00-03-03
	* python/iobench.py: update to use new Gaudi 19 ChronoStatSvc output
	  file to extract I/O timings

2007-03-02  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
	* tagging TestTools-00-03-02
	* share/post.sh: Ignore message about number of configurables
        read, and the gaudi19 ApplicationMgr header.Ignore include messages 
	from txt files parser.

2007-01-22  Paolo Calafiura <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tagging TestTools-00-03-00
	* share/post.sh: new version from Scott
        * cmt/requirements: change for the above
2007-01-17  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging TestTools-00-02-16
	* python/iobench.py: introduced BenchSuite and ScOutput objects
	* python/iobench.py: factorised workDir and doValidation functions

2006-12-22  Paolo Calafiura <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tagging TestTools-00-02-15
	* share/post.sh (test): updated for gaudi v19

2006-12-21  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>

	* tagging TestTools-00-02-14
	* share/post.sh (test): match better hex numbers

2006-12-01  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>

	* tagging TestTools-00-02-13
	* share/post.sh (test): ignore a number of printouts counting objects when comparing test outputs

2006-11-13  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging TestTools-00-02-12
	* improved iobench to more nicely deal with Read/Write tests (ie: it
	  now displays cRep_ and cObj_ timings)

2006-10-19  Sebastien Binet  <binet@lblbox>

	* tagging TestTools-00-02-11
	* introducing iobench (python) module
	* A python/__init__.py
	* A python/iobench.py
	* A share/IoAuditor_fragment.py
	* A test/test_iobench.py
	* M cmt/requirements

2006-07-31  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
        * tag TestTools-00-02-10
	* scripts/nightlies: removed tests
	* TestAthenaPoolExample, TestAthenaPoolMultiTest, TestAthenaPoolTest
	* TestIdDictTest, TestInDetRec, TestIOVDbTest, TestSealDictTest,
	* TestTagCollectionTest
	* These tests do not belong to AtlasCore. Many of them were moved 
	* to AtlasConditions, Events, Analysis projects
2006-05-11  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-09
        * corrected ChangeLog

2006-05-11  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-08
	* scripts/nightlies: removed TestEdmSealDict test

2006-03-27  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-07
	* scripts/nightlies: removed TestTriggerRelease test
        * which is obsolete and does not belong to AtlasCore
2006-03-27  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
        * tag TestTools-00-02-06
	* scripts/nightlies: removed KitValidation tests
	* as they moved to AtlasTest/ProductionTest

2006-03-22  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-05
	* scripts/nightlies/*.xml: replaced tag <options> with
	* <options_atn> to bring in compliance with common XML
	* description standard (tag <options> is already used by
	* RTT and unfortunately XML does not allow to assign a tag
	* to particular sections, such as ATN or RTT)

2006-03-10  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-04
	* scripts/nightlies/TestControl.sh: removed. Using xml description instead

2006-03-08  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
        * tag TestTools-00-02-03
	* scripts/nightlies/*.sh: the "cd" statements are corrected
	* for project oriented structure:
	* if [ "$CMTSTRUCTURINGSTYLE" = "without_version_directory" ]; then
	* cd ${NIGHTLYAREA}/Atlas*Release/cmt
2006-03-07  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-02
	* scripts/nightlies/TestControl.sh: fixing the fix   

2006-03-06  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-02-01
	* scripts/nightlies/TestControl.sh: fix cmt directory

2005-11-01  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-22
        * removed scripts/nightlies/TestLArSoftware.sh
        * as this test is abandoned
2005-07-07  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-21
	* removed files from scripts/nightlies/tmp area
	* removed use of agetof from requirements file
	* (use of agetof was needed to avoid checkreq complains
	* these complains however were caused by obsolete scripts
	* in scripts/nightlies/tmp area)

2005-06-28  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-20
	* scripts/nightlies/TestIOVDbTest.sh (stat): adding test for IOVDb

2005-06-01  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-19
	* scripts/nightlies/TestSealDictTest.sh: added Fredrik to mail
	list of sealdict test

2005-05-27  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-18
	* requirements: add agetof to make checkreq happy 

2005-05-16  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
        * tag TestTools-00-01-17
	* various updates in scripts/nightlies area

2005-05-03  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-16
	* src/initGaudi.cxx (Athena_test): back to ignore()

2005-05-03  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-15
	* src/initGaudi.cxx (Athena_test): do not using ignore() yet

2005-04-27  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-14
	* share/post.sh (test): mv status to testStatus, update patterns
	* src/initGaudi.cxx (Athena_test): ignore() StatusCodes

2005-04-14  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
        * tag TestTools-00-01-13
	* removed scripts/nightlies/TestRunEventNumber.sh

2005-02-17 Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-12
	* minor corrections to scripts/nightlies/TestHelloWorld,
	* TestRunEventNumber

2005-02-07  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-11

	* scripts/nightlies/TestSealDictTest.sh: added gemmeren to mailto:

2005-02-01  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-10
	* scripts/nightlies/TestSealDictTest.sh: added new test for seal

2005-01-19  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@lxplus061.cern.ch>
	* cmt/requirements: install post.sh as a script
	* tag TestTools-00-01-09

2005-01-13  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* cmt/requirements: fix usage of post.sh. Modernize patterns...
	* tag TestTools-00-01-08

2004-11-08  Alex Undrus <undrus@bnl.gov>
	* tag TestTools-00-01-07
	* add scripts for KitValidation nightly tests (one script for
	  each test)

2004-11-04  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/TestDigitization.sh: cp PoolFileCatalog.xml 
	rather than pointing to it (so that we can modify it...)
	* scripts/nightlies/TestPileUp.sh: cp PoolFileCatalog.xml 
	rather than pointing to it (so that we can modify it...)
	* scripts/nightlies/Test*.sh: moved to Digitization/test area
2004-11-03  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/AthenaServicesTests.sh: moved to its package
	* scripts/nightlies/CLIDSvcTests.sh: moved to its package

2004-10-28  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@lxplus062.cern.ch>
	* scripts/nightlies/TestEventMixer.sh: fix SUCCESS_MESSAGE

2004-10-25  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/TestDigitization.sh: still need to get  PDGTABLE.MeV
	* scripts/nightlies/TestPileUp.sh: still need to get  PDGTABLE.MeV

2004-10-06  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-06
	* scripts/nightlies/TestDigitization.sh: run AtlasDigitization.py
	comment out obsolete(?) copying/linking of run-time files
	* scripts/nightlies/TestPileUp.sh: comment out obsolete(?) 
	copying/linking of run-time files

2004-09-16  Kristo Karr  <Kristo.Karr@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-05
        * added TestTagCollectionTest.sh to scripts/nightlies

2004-07-07  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-04
	* scripts/nightlies/TestIdDictTest.sh: added test for IdDictTest

2004-06-22  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>

	* scripts/nightlies/TestDigitization.sh: use py jos
	* scripts/nightlies/TestPileUp.sh: use py jos

2004-06-18  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>

	* tag TestTools-00-01-03

	* scripts/nightlies/TestAthenaPoolTest.sh (stat): corrected a bit
	the script.

2004-04-23  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* cmt/requirements: do not run UnitTests in opt mode
	* tag TestTools-00-01-02

2004-03-12  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/TestEventMixer.sh: temporarily 
	use preprod770 catalog 

2004-02-27  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/TestPileUp.sh: new test
	* scripts/nightlies/TestDigitization.sh: fix typos

2004-02-19  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/TestEventMixer.sh: test the Event Mixing selector

2004-02-11  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@electra.lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: fixed pattern to ignore ChronoStat output 
	* tag TestTools-00-01-01
2004-01-26  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/CLIDSvcTests.sh: new set of unit tests for 
	* scripts/nightlies/SGToolsTests.sh: new set of unit tests for 

2004-01-23  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* moved ToyConversion classes to Control/AthenaExamples/ToyConversion
	to improve dependencies
	* tag TestTools-00-01-00
2004-01-15  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* scripts/nightlies/AthenaServicesTests.sh: use /bin/sh,
	exit rather than return, 
	* scripts/nightlies/DataModelTests.sh: same
	* scripts/nightlies/StoreGateTests.sh: same
	* scripts/nightlies/TestControl.sh: same
	* tag TestTools-00-00-13
	* added ERROR/FAILURE patterns to the scrips above, made them 

2003-12-23  David Rousseau  <droussea@lxplus064.cern.ch>

	* scripts/nightlies/TestRecExCommon1.sh (stat): do not return

2003-07-03  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh (test): make diff errors non fatal, update supps
	* tag TestTools-00-00-12

2003-05-15  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: update suppressions             
	* tag TestTools-00-00-11

2003-04-29  Paolo Calafiura  <calaf@localhost>
	* cmt/requirements: added -import=TestTools to the UnitTest apps
	* tag TestTools-00-00-10

2003-04-17  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: fix timeleft egrep              
	* tag TestTools-00-00-09

2003-04-15  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: more slug output suppressions   
	* tag TestTools-00-00-08

2003-04-13  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: remove slug library printouts   
	* tag TestTools-00-00-07

2003-04-10  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: ignore some atlsim/dice messages   
	* tag TestTools-00-00-06

2003-04-08  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/post.sh: improved parsing of diff output
	* tag TestTools-00-00-05

2003-04-03  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>
	* share/runUnitTests.sh: cmt bro gmake check and filter output
	* tag TestTools-00-00-04

2003-04-02  Paolo Calafiura  <pcalafiura@lbl.gov>

	* initial release
	* tag TestTools-00-00-02