Major TPS Lag from Crafting - Extra Trees

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Issue #70 resolved
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Our 1.7.10 Cauldron server has been having some crafting related problems stemming from Extra Trees. We've been noticing major TPS drops (sometimes as low as 7) from crafting, and after a good bit of profiling we've slightly figured the cause.

The method "binnie.extratrees.block.decor.NBTShapedRecipe.func_77569_a()" will spike to anywhere from 20% to 80% of server CPU time when someone's crafting a slightly large amount of items (anywhere from like a stack or more). We think it's something to do with your mod checking if the crafted item belongs to it.

It may well be an incompatibility somewhere, so I'm not going to just blame ExtraTrees.

However, if ET is indeed the cause, is this something that could be fixed soon?

Shame EB and ET are closed source, (cough) or we'd just do a pull request to save you some time (cough cough), but that's unfortunately.. yeah.

I'll provide any further info needed.

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  1. MissPotato

    I can reproduce this in single player. The bug is a bit particular too. The more items used in the recipe the worse it is. However, it only seems to effect 2x2 crafting. I've been clay to test. Place 4 stacks of clay in a crafting table make 64 clay blocks.

    Mods Installed:

    1. Forestry v1.7.10-

    2. Binnie mods v2.0-dev5

    3. Forge v7.10.85.1225/1230

  2. Chris Curwick

    AE is just one of the places this could show up. you can reproduce it (though to a much smaller scale) with a vanilla crafting table. shift-clicking a stack of blocks into ingots, there is a noticeable delay. AE shows this clearly because when you shift-click only one stack of items are crafted compared to all possible stacks. spam click, and the bug really shows.

  3. Fluffy Cloud

    I wrote up a simple little mod to remove the single NBTShapedRecipes object (that contains ~67k recipes in it) from the recipe list and the lag goes away. Perhaps these recipes should get added to a piece of machinery instead of the crafting table.

    The combinatorics of (all types of planks(maybe 60?)10items + planksplanks(normal,full,high)(non-embedded+non-solid,embedded,solid,embedded+solid) yields an impressive amount of items to look through to find the right metadata number for the 6 fence blocks there are. Either that or a solution where the NBTShapedRecipes examines the planks provided and produces an item based on some math instead of looking through a list of the output items.


  4. Fluffy Cloud

    Saturday maybe? I want to do some extra testing. it's my first try at writing a mod, I've probably screwed something up.

  5. Brandon

    I'm gonna test that out in my pack also if you don't mind. This crafting lag issue is driving the people on my server crazy.

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