Unable to specify the App ID for the AdMob API

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Issue #1 resolved
Marty created an issue

First of all, thank you for your great work.

Please make it easier to find the place where I have to put the App ID. On Android there is a string "YOUR-APP-ID-HERE" that is easy to spot in the AdActivity. However, this thing is missing in the Ads.mm and I was not able to spot it anywhere so far.

Where is it located?

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  1. bio1712 repo owner


    In this port you don't need your App ID, since you are able to request and display ads without it. If you noticed, on the Android port, the App ID is needed because the SDK must be inizialized in order to request Rewarded Video Ads.

    On the contrary, for iOS you don't need to configure the SDK in order to request ads, therefore I decided not to put it. If you want to add it yourself for completeness you can open the Ads.mm and turn these lines


    into these ones:

        [GADMobileAds configureWithApplicationID: @"YOUR-APP-ID"];
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