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BAnOCC Tutorial

BAnOCC (Bayesian Analysis of Compositional Correlations) is a novel Bayesian model to infer appropriate associations between features in compositional data.

Support is available from the BAnOCC Google Group. Feel free to join the group or to post any questions directly by emailing

1. Setup

1.1 Requirements

  • R software (version >= 3.3)
  • Plus the following R packages: rstan, mvtnorm, coda, and stringr

1.2 Installation

Install BAnOCC by first obtaining the source code. Then install the dependencies and install the software. Run the following commands to install BAnOCC and its dependencies.

$ git clone
$ R -q -e "install.packages(c('rstan', 'mvtnorm', 'coda', 'stringr'), repos='')"
$ R CMD INSTALL banocc

Under construction: Check back soon for more updates!