MetaPhlAn2 QIIME2 Plugin and Conda Recipe

This repository contains the python package for the MetaPhlAn2 QIIME2 Plugin. It also contains the recipe for the conda package for MetaPhlAn2 which includes the QIIME2 Plugin.

Check the conda recipe: $ conda-build --check conda-recipe

Obtain the source but not build: $ conda-build conda-recipe -s (once the MetaPhlAn2 source is downloaded the cache will be used for future builds)

Build and write the output to the current folder: $ conda-build conda-recipe --output-folder .

Create a new env to install and test the package:

  • $ conda create -n newenv python=3.5
  • $ source activate newenv
  • $ conda install --use-local linux-64/metaphlan2-2.1.6-py35h7090eed_0.tar.bz2 (file name will differ a bit)
  • $ source deactivate