RFC: implement comparison operators for variants

Issue #323 new
Reece Hart
created an issue

It would be handy to have comparison operators for variants. Possible comparisons include:

  • identical (keep standard Python == meaning)
  • equivalent e.g., NM_022725.3:c.230_252del23 and NM_022725.3:c.230_252del and NM_022725.3:c.230_252delTTCCGGGATTAGCGAACTTCCAG
  • overlaps
  • subsumes

Please comment on comparisons that you'd like to see.

It would be useful to map operations to operators from https://docs.python.org/3.5/library/operator.html#mapping-operators-to-functions so that, for example, << might mean "is left of and non-overlapping" or v1 in v2 might mean "v1 is within or equal to v2" .

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