4-fold Cross-validation

Log lossMetoda
0.289969772165Logistic (lambda=0.05, bias=1), df>10, log10idf, "kalibracija"
0.312606261226Softmax (lambda=0.05, bias=1, 60k features), logidf
0.311617325311Logistic (lambda=0.05, bias=1, 100k features), logidf
0.473830260423MLP (lambda=0.05, hidden=20, maxfun=300, 50k features), logidf


  • Classifiers
    • Logistic regression [Blaz]
    • Softmax regression [Jure]
    • Neural nets [Marinka]
    • Random forest [Marko]
    • Trees (adaboost et al., gradient boosting) [Jure]
    • Naive Bayes [Janez?]
    • SVM [Miha]
    • Clustering [Lan Z.]
    • Multi-target [Matija]
  • Dimensionality reduction / feature selection
    • LDA
    • PCA [Matija, Lan U. ?????]
    • Feature selection
    • NNMF [Marinka]
  • Misc
    • Data overview [Janez?]
    • Cross-validation [Jure]
    • tf*idf [Lan Z.]
    • Calibration [Lan Z., Jure, Marinka]
    • Stacking [Blaz]





Stvari za sabo

  • rezervni laptop


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