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Orange Extensions V1.8 - Apr 2003

This library is copyleft 2001-2003 by Aleks Jakulin (

It requires Orange 0.7 ( and Python 2.2.

The new version of Orange broke the existing MarginMetaLearner. Surprisingly nobody complained. This is fixed, and the library is now ported to the new version of SWIG.

With the help of Daniel Rubin, a Solaris version (which should also compile on Linux) has been prepared.

BUGS: - memory leaks in logistic regression and SVM - no handling for out-of-memory situations (crash)

Recent activity


Commits by Mitar were pushed to biolab/orange-addon-crs

01120d7 - Added support for external CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables.
Janez Demšar

Commits by Janez Demšar were pushed to biolab/orange-addon-crs

68b51ae - - it seems that swig does not accept things like %typemap(in,numinputs=0) struct CFInfo *OutValue { --> i needed to change all these to %typemap(in,numinputs=0) TCFInfo ...
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