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Added Cytobands genesets and modified obiOMIM.py. Both need some extra work.

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     return GeneSets(genesets)
+def cytobandGeneSets():
+    """
+    Return cytoband gene sets from Stanford Microarray Database
+    """
+    from . import obiCytobands
+    genesets = [GeneSet(id=band.name, name=band.descriptor, genes=obiCytobands.band_genes(band), hierarchy=("Cytobands",), organism="9606", # 352472 gathered from obiGO.py code_map -> Dicty identifier
+                        link="") \
+                        for band in obiCytobands.bands()]
+    return GeneSets(genesets)
 def omimGeneSets():
     Return gene sets from OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) diseses


     """ Return a dictionary {gene: set(disease_objects for gene), ...}
     return OMIM.get_instance().gene_diseases()
+if __name__ == "__main__":
+    print genes()


         dsp, dspcb = OWGUI.doubleSpin(hWidget, self,
                         "maxPValue", 0.0, 1.0, 0.0001,
-                        label="P-Value (FDR corrected)",
-                        tooltip="Maximum (FDR corrected) P-Value",
+                        label="FDR adjusted P-Value",
+                        tooltip="Maximum (FDR adjusted) P-Value",


 from common import *
 from Orange.bio import obiOMIM
 sf_server.upload("OMIM", "morbidmap", filename, title="Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)",
                    tags=["genes", "diseases", "human", "OMIM" "#version:%i" % obiOMIM.OMIM.VERSION])
 sf_server.unprotect("OMIM", "morbidmap")
+Orange server upload for OMIM morbidmap gene sets
+from Orange.bio.obiGeneSets import omimGeneSets, register
+omim_sets_split = omimGeneSets().split_by_hierarchy()
+for omim_sets in omim_sets_split:
+    register(omim_sets, sf_server)
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