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Fixed the bug of having less than 5 genes in a geneset

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         self.selected_file = "" 
         layout = QHBoxLayout()
-        box = OWGUI.widgetBox(self.controlArea, "File", orientation=layout)
+        box = OWGUI.widgetBox(self.controlArea, "Gene Set Import", orientation=layout)
         icons = standard_icons(self)
         # The preview field        
-        box = OWGUI.widgetBox(self.controlArea, "Available Gene Sets")
+        box = OWGUI.widgetBox(self.controlArea, "Imported Gene Sets")
         self.preview_view = QTreeWidget()
                 item = QTreeWidgetItem(self.preview_view)
                 item.setText(0, geneset.id)
                 item.setData(1, Qt.DisplayRole, len(geneset.genes))
-                item.setText(2, ", ".join([geneset.genes.pop() for i in range(5)]) + ", ...")
+                item.setText(2, ", ".join(list(geneset.genes)[:5]) + ", ...")
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