Marko Toplak avatar Marko Toplak committed b543c10

Gene set enrichment widget detects gene sets with taxid == None.

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             with orngServerFiles.DownloadProgress.setredirect(self.progressBarSet):
                 all, local = obiGeneSets.list_all(), obiGeneSets.list_local()
-                organisms = set(obiTaxonomy.essential_taxids() + [t[1] for t in all])
+                organisms = set(obiTaxonomy.essential_taxids() + filter(None, [t[1] for t in all]))
             organism_names = map(name_or_none, organisms)
         for hierarchy, t_id, _ in self.genesets:
             collect(collection[t_id], hierarchy)
+        #add genesets without species identifiers
+        collection[taxid].update(collection[None])
         return collection[taxid]
     def setHierarchy(self, hierarchy):
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