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import Orange
from import dicty, geneset, gsea, gene, geo

gds = geo.GDS("GDS10")
data = gds.getdata() 

matcher = gene.matcher([gene.GMKEGG("Homo sapiens")])
genesets = geneset.collections((("KEGG",), "Homo sapiens"))

#the number of permutations (n) should be much higher
res =, gene_sets=genesets, matcher=matcher, 
    min_part=0.05, permutation="phenotype", n=10, 
    phen_desc="tissue", gene_desc="gene") 

print "GSEA results (descriptor: tissue)"
print "%-40s %6s %6s %6s %7s" % ("LABEL", "NES", "FDR", "SIZE", "MATCHED") 
for gs, resu in sorted(res.items(), key=lambda x: x[1]["fdr"])[:10]: 
    print "%-40s %6.3f %6.3f %6d %7d" % ([:30],
        resu["nes"], resu["fdr"], resu["size"], resu["matched_size"])